Utopian Dystopia


by Naorem Stella, Class X, Little Flower School Imphal Internet connection on my computer Satellite networks on my TV screen A 3G mobile in my pocket, i-pods, DVD players, play stations All scattered around the room The whole globe is rotating And responding to the tap of my fingertip. Should I call it globalization? One moment I am with Barack Obama Taking the presidential oath at the White House Another moment I romance with Sarkozy and Bruni On the marble floors of the Taj Sometimes I rap and dance with Shakira, On the African fields of the World Cup Soccer, Some other time I cheer the sixers of Sachin On the stadium of cricketers. I can wobble with the Google I can yank the Yahoo, I can cyber the twitter Who cares? The world is within my grip. Yet! Why do I feel so restless and lost? Can anyone tell me how to digitize human emotions? Whither to trace God? Where to cultivate faith and love? Anyway why so much blood on Jihad and Holy War? O dear friends! I wonder it’s The Utopia of human civilization, Or the Dystopia of human folly We are living in today.


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