Power failure causes Ukhrul people to live in darkness


    From John K. Kaping
    UKHRUL, Feb; 07:  96 hours electricity Power failure has brought Ukhrul in a “haunted haven” leaving the Ukhrul people  in complete darkness inculcating the normal live in quandary and miserable live condition.
    The Ukhrul electric Power failure cutting from the rest of the world. The complete power darkness or the supply of essential electric light begun from Friday and till today at the time of fielding this report.
    This is not the first time in UKhrul of Power failure experience so long but it is very often that most of the light remains dark. Besides the enormous inconveniences created to the people of Ukhrul belonging to the Offices, NGOs, Social Organizations, villagers, business establishments and in general, the most unsatisfactory or sad or victimized people reflects especially to the sick people of all ages hospitalized in Ukhrul District 50-bedded Hospital as in fact owing to the extreme irregularity of the power supply the patients with the helpers have enough hardships in taking care the respective families patients.
    The UKhrul District Hospital is using a small generator with the strongest capacity power consumption able to facilitate 2-4 bulbs for not more than even half an hour. This factual condition came to light when this Ukhrul Correspondent`s child along with four other kids hospitalized in Child Wards recently.IT is interestin to note that the Hospital nurses assigned in the duty even cannot able to inject thr trip of medicines prescribed by the doctors as they are unable to find the nerve of the kids due to the enough power eye-sight.
    One of the good views happened when this Ukhrul Correspondent exclusively interacted of the electricity to Awoyo Luikham an elderly, intellectual and retired Government Officer about in quest to bring the settlement of the Power crisis in Ukhrul. He shared in the first point of advice that why the point of Non-payment of  power bills.The Power supply in Ukhrul is in aroutine of alternate day system since long i.e. one day off- one day on. The Light current is very often disturbed and sometimes the power does not supply even in the Light day routine for consecutive days and when it comes it stops without notice. Whereas the billing is done through the system of without reading the meter box. And whether the light comes or not the bill never sleeps to continue for payment without sparing a single paise regularly despite of acute irregularity of the essential electric power supply.
    He further suggest that where payment is of being enforce to pressurized to the  consumers for payment, no payment of bills by the consumers is considerably accountable on account of erotic supply of power failure for which consumers deny to pay it. The respectable elderly in his view to solve the issue shared that the solution seems to be left to the Power Department to reduce the consumers` bills proportionately and at the same time fixed the period of payment by the consumers at the considerable reduced bills.
    Meanwhile owing to a deep power crisis failure for four consecutive days complete darkness.The Ukhrul Electricity Department EE Pamching,,Ramthing Chamroy AE Ukhrul Sub-Division, Jalajeet Sigh AE Litan Sub-Division,DolaChandra Singh AE Kamjong and Chingai and Nd. Chalaudin AE Phungyar/ Kasom Khullen in a Press Conference today at the Ukhrul EE,s Office Chamber today said that the Power crisis or the failur of electrict power supply is not detected in Ukhrul other Sub-Stations but the main defect is from 132KV Sub-Station at Yaingagpokpi and 33 KV Line also got defected which are not in Ukhrul. But the Division II is controlled and monitered by Imphal Transmission on construction 33 KV Line.
    Meantime two Executives Div.II including staffs of the above 2 Divisions are in underway to repair along with the Ukhrul Department Line staffs too in progress checking the  effected points without vehicles but by foot and so far the Officers said that the Litan Power Division was restored yesterday.


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