Unified opposition lambastes Cong for unethical political strategy


IMPHAL, Feb 1: In what could be an interesting event today in the high political scenario of the ensuing Konthoujam bye-election, the Deputy Speaker of Manipur Legislative Assembly was reported to be present in a locality near Sagoltonba Bazar to stealthily witness a political meeting of Trinamool Congress candidate K. Sarat.
The said meeting was attended by the election observer of Trinamool Congress and MP of Rajya Sabha, KD Singh, and other leaders of Trinamool, MPP and BJP.
Before the arrival of MP KD Singh while the meeting was going on, an announcement was made on the loudspeakers that the Deputy Speaker had sneaked into the locality to witness the meeting.
The leaders of BJP and MPP then started to slam the Congress at their best level even branding the Congress Party as “Bazar Bulls”.
Soon after the vice-president of BJP Prof. Tiken finished off his speech with lots of criticism for the Congress Party, the Deputy Speaker and his escort team came out of the locality slowly in their vehicles.
Even after the departure of the Deputy Speaker, the leaders of BJP and MPP continued to lambaste the Congress Party for their unethical political strategies of using money power, muscle power and even state machineries to gain undue political advantages.
The leaders further alleged that the Congress Party will create “showers of money” during elections to win votes from the people.
Multiple times of what they have given to the people during elections would be recouped from the funds meant for the development and welfare of the state. The Congress regime in the whole country has spread a reign of corruption and violence, they said.
The president of Manipur Pradesh Trinamool Congress, Kim Gangte stated that Konthoujam bye-election will be a beacon light for the Trinamool Congress to establish its roots with the like-minded political parties of the state to overthrow the corrupt Congress government and develop the state right from the grass-root level.
She said that most of the issues and communal riots of the state had occurred during the Congress regime and their leaders have failed to redress the grievances of the people.
The people of the state have been suffering amidst degrading law and order situation with no proper road, communication or PDS item, Kim noted. She stated that the Trinamool Congress has formed a unfied force with MPP and BJP to oust the Congress Party from the state. The doom of the Congress Party will be the rise of the people of Manipur. There can be no development in the state under the corrupt leaders of the Congress Party who have just filled up their treasuries with the public money, the president of Manipur Trinamool Congress said.
Stating the Congress regime in the state as the power house of corruption, MP of Rajya Sabha KD Singh asserted that the Trinamool Congress, though an ally at the Centre with the Congress Party, has decided to fight against the Congress in view of the prevailing issues of corruption and under-development of the state.
The Trinamool Congress is committed to bring all-round development in the state and it is looking forward to usher the state to a new era free from corruption and violence, the MP asserted.

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