Workshop on Monsang literature and language


IMPHAL, Feb 21: A one day workshop on Monsang Literature and Language was held on February 19 at Changning Community Hall with Prof. Scott Delancy from University of Oregon, USA as resource person.
A release of the Sirti Upa Ruh (SUR), said the programme was organized by Sirti Upa Ruh (Monsang Tribe Union) and coordinated by W. Koning Monsang, Research Scholar, Department of Linguistic, Manipur University.
At the same time, Ng. Gilbert, Advisor to SUR, UPA E. Khartu, rtd. ZEO Chandel, Ng. Benithan and Ng. Konising, president and general secretary SUR, took active part in the discussion. Renei Wanglar, president, Sirti Sanuw Ruh also attended the workshop, said the statement.


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