Commuters blame contractors for Tiddim road condition


From KaimuanthangLAMKA, March 9: The failure on the part of the concern contractor to complete blaktopping of Tiddim road stretch from Kaprang village to Khengjang has become the main talking point of the many commuters along the road traveling between Ccpur and Imphal on a daily basis.
According to a daily commuter of the road, Hena who used to come all the way from Imphal to Churachandpur to attend office, driving daily on the road has damaged his vehicle and as such he has to take a line bus to work. He also added that taking the bus has in a way restricted his working style as he has to return early from office and give him lesser time to finish off his work at the office. This experience has been shared by many a commuters of the road.
Besides posing a serious health hazard for the nearby residents, the condition has caused so much hardship for the commuters; as such people have started asking why the work has been left halfway.
A student union from the district had earlier asked the concern authorities to tender a convincing reason while urging to take up the matter seriously. It had also warned the government of taking up various forms of agitation if the matter is taken lightly.
Meanwhile in another development a joint assessment team of the district level officials is going to carry out a revivification of standing property destruction/loss caused by the ongoing expansion work of the Singngat Behiang road tomorrow.
During the verification of destruction on houses, lemon grass plantation, banana plantation, hoses left out, memorial stone details, canal irrigation and paddy fields by the ongoing expansion work of the Singngat Behiang road will be assessed tomorrow.


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