COTA and FECTAM suspend agitations after signing MoU with state govt


IMPHAL, Mar 3: The Council of Teachers’ Association (COTA) and Federation of College Teachers’ Association Manipur (FECTAM) have suspended their months long agitations after signing memorandum of understanding with the state government pertaining to the demands for the implementation of 6th revised central pay and 6th revised UGC pay scale respectively.

In two separate meetings, the representatives of COTA and FECTAM met the Chief Minister Okram Ibobi along with other senior cabinet ministers today at Chief Minister’s Bungalow.

The memorandum of understanding between FECTAM and state government was signed with working president M Ibohal, convenor M Lokendro and vice-president Sarangajit on the side of FECTAM and secretary to Chief Minister, Sumant Singh on behalf of the state government.

While the memorandum of understanding between COTA and state government was signed with co-convernors Santakumar, M Joykumar and P Koireng on the side of COTA and secretary to Chief Minister, Sumant Singh on behalf of the state government.

Meanwhile, 239 hunger-strikers of COTA who are currently in the jail will also be released as per the memorandum of understanding.

Speaking to media-persons after the meeting, the convenor of FECTAM, M Lokendro stated the Chief Minister Okram Ibobi has assured that the 6th revised UGC pay scale for the government college teachers of the state will be implemented very soon without any modification.

However, the FECTAM will resume its agitation if the agreement of MoU is not translated into action, he added.

The advisor of COTA, Th Ibopishak stated that the teachers have agreed to the pay structure proposed by the state government keeping in view of the current pay structures of other north-eastern states like Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh and Meghalaya.

The state government further assured that the proposed pay scale will be implemented in the first week of April, he said.

Moreover, the COTA has suspended the agitation in due consideration of the ensuing HSLC and HSSLC examinations, Ibopishak averred.

IM general secretary blames other naga factions for hurdles in Naga reconciliation
Dimapur, Mar 3 (NEWMAI): NSCN-IM general secretary Thuingaleng Muivah blames NSCN-K and FGN/NNC for creating hurdles in the `Naga reconciliation process`.

Th. Muivah arrived in Dimapur today from New Delhi along with his wife to participate in the `highest level reconciliation summit`. Muivah was reacting to the statement of the NSCN-K and FGN/NNC saying both the outfits would not participate in the reconciliation summit`.

Organised by Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR), the three Naga underground outfits-NSCN-IM, FGN and NSCN-K have been meeting from time to time in the last two years pledging to stop all forms of hostility among them.

On Thursday, Muivah said that NSCN-K and FGN have been creating hurdles in the Naga reconciliation process. “If they are not willing to participate in the summit what can we do?”, said Thuingaleng Muivah while talking to reporters at the Dimapurr airport this afternoon.

On the ongoing dialogue with the government of India, Muivah expressed his optimism saying there have been positive development in the talks. However, he did not divulge the detail of the talk.It is worth noting that NSCN-IM chairman Isak Chisi Swu had arrived in Nagaland from Delhi few days ago to participate in the `highest level reconciliation summit`.
NSCN-K leader S.S Khaplang was also supposed to come to Nagaland from Myanmar to join the summit but since the latest development, things are uncertain now.

On Wednesday, the NSCN-K and FGN had said they would not participate in the summit.
“GPRN/NSCN (NSCN-K) and NNC/FGN, the two signatories of the covenant of reconciliation appreciates the Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) for its positive vision and hope for the Naga Nation. The two political groups also acknowledge the arrival of NSCN (IM) Chairman Isak Chishi Swu to attend the proposed highest level summit. While appreciating the continuous support of Hohos, Naga elders, mothers, students, civil societies, NGO’s and all concerned Nagas towards Naga Reconciliation, GPRN/NSCN & FGN/NNC draws the attention of every Naga irrespective of tribes, affiliations or artificial boundaries that divides us, to, for a moment, set aside our emotional desire to reconcile and view the reality of the situation that has befallen the Naga people,” the joint statement said.

The signing of the covenant of reconciliation by three Naga underground groups in June 2009 by S.S Khaplang, Chairman Isak Chishi Swu and Kedahke Singnya, to some extent, fulfilled the deepest yearning of the Naga people, the joint statement of NSCN-K and FGN added.

“It has, since then, been defiled time and again by incident such as the killing of Zaremo Odyuo, a civilian worker on 26th August 2010 at Mekokla in Lotha Region by IM group. The killing of Nampang another National worker in July 2010, seriously questioned their commitment to covenant of reconciliation. The inhuman torture of Ahoshe Awomi by IM on 14th Oct 2010 by Yarteo Tangkhul reflected the darkest side of human character. The early morning raid on GPRN/NSCN & NNC/FGN mobile camp at Regury village near Meluri by IM in the autumn of 2010 remains a sad page in the Covenant of Reconciliation; the attempt on the life of one Naga army cadre and injury of a schoolgirl at Namsa in Konyak Region in October 2010 trampled common hope,” it added.

Despite these brazen violations, NSCN-K and FGN/NNC continued the Journey of Common Hope with an undying desire for a new dawn for all Nagas. So far there has been nine consultative meetings abroad, thirty six meetings in Nagaland under the aegis of FNR. Except on few occasions for unavoidable circumstances, all political groups attended and reaffirmed their commitments to Naga reconciliation, it further said.

“The proposal for the highest level summit was agreed to by all political groups. This was supposed to be the most awaited summit and perhaps the most decisive one. GPRN/NSCN & NNC/FGN top leadership were making all necessary arrangements to facilitate Chairman S.S Khaplang and Kedahke Brig.(Retd) S Singnya’s safe arrival. Meanwhile brushing aside the Covenant of Reconciliation and all FNR’s appeal, in the first week of February 2011, NSCN (IM) detailed a large number of its military, fully armed, and sent to eastern Nagaland to intercept and prevent Chairman S.S Khaplang and Kedahke Brig (Retd) S. Singnya’s possible journey to Nagaland. The order to assassinate the two signatories of COR can never be ruled out. Whether NSCN (IM) chairman Mr. Isak Chishi Swu ordered this military expedition or not is for him to clarify to the Naga people. The highest level summit entails that there should be cessation of all hostilities among Naga political groups anywhere in Naga homeland and no group should attempt territorial expansion. While appreciating Mr. Isak Chishi Swu’s call for Reconciliation in the local dailies, the arrival of IM cadres in eastern Naga homeland nearly a month back and their military offensive motives could not be ignored,” the FGN-NSCN-K statement said.

“To those who genuinely cherish peace and reconciliation in Naga homeland, it is unthinkable to preach reconciliation in one part of Naga homeland and allow innocent blood to flow in another. Whether west, east, south or north, Naga people must understand and acknowledge that Covenant of Reconciliation encompasses every nook and corner of Naga homeland. The blood of eastern Nagas is not cheaper or inferior. Perhaps Mr. Isak Chishi Swu, deep in his heart, understands that reconciliation will be possible only if he orders complete withdrawal of Absolom Tankhul and his group from eastern Nagaland.

Chairman S.S Khaplang and Kedahke Brig.(Retd) S Singnya, the two signatories of the COR, despite the ongoing military operation in eastern Nagaland by IM, believes that at an opportune time and hour, the will of the Naga people will come to the fore. In the light of the present unfortunate military offensive by NSCN(IM), they regret to inform the Naga people that they will not be participating in the forthcoming highest level summit. It is their appeal that the highest level summit be deferred until military offensive and territorial expansion missions are called off by NSCN (IM). Their faith in genuine Naga reconciliation under the aegis of Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) remains undiminished,” the joint statement of NSCN-K and FGN said.


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