Organizations decry alleged custodial torture leading to death


IMPHAL, March 3: Committee on Human Rights (COHR) in a press release by the convenor Phunindro Konsam states that under the privilege sanctioned to security forces under AFSPA, random acts of violence and countless human rights violations are perpetrated in the state.
Quoting the recent case of one Athokpam Angousana, 52, a resident of Napet Mayai Leikai, Bishnupur district and his alleged torture by the police commandos resulting in his death, the release stated that the state government has failed to protect its citizens. COHR further condemned the incident stating that the security personnel of the state still creates havoc in the rural areas and has no respect for human life.

It also stated that it is not new for the security forces operating in the state to stage fake encounters and judicial killings and the state still has to convict several offenders of human rights and such delayed action has only prompted the security personnel to carry out excessive actions on the innocent public, the release stated.

It is a legal norm that any person accused has a right to defend oneself and the judicial system of a state has to be acknowledged. COHR urges the state government to take up necessary action in regard to the case of Athokpam Angousana who died under doubtful circumstances and initiate disciplinary action to the perpetrators of the crime.

In a seperate press release, the Centre for Organization Research and Education (CORE) has express serious concern towards the incident leading to the alleged torture and death of A Angousana and further urged the government of Manipur to institute a fair and impartial judicial inquiry in the matter at the earliest. The enquiry should be headed by a sitting or retired High Court judge or a CBI inquiry that is in compliance with the existing national legal guidelines and international human law.

The release states further that the Manipur police personnel responsible for the outrage must be awarded the strictest disciplinary action. Further, the bereaved survivors of Angousana must be given adequate compensation and support by the state government as the deceased was the sole bread earner of the family, the release urges.


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