Heavy security measures made for smooth conduct of assembly session


IMPHAL, March 7: In order to maintain law and order and provide adequate security measures for smooth conduct of the 10th session of the 9th Manipur Legislative Assembly which will start from tomorrow, the state government has taken up tight security arrangement at four different security zones.
Besides, all set of preparation has been completed for the ensuing first session of the year tomorrow as all forms of sitting arrangement inside the assembly hall have also been made completed this evening.
According to a highly placed official source, the entire surroundings of the Assembly secretariat will be under the tight security vigils during the session is going as a heavy team of state forces led by one SI, one ASI, one Head Constable, one armed section of Manipur Police Reserve Line Imphal west and 10 Recruited constables from MPTS Pangei along with anti riot equipments will be made station along the Assembly Road in the Northern Flank, on inspector, one SI and three police constables each will be guards at gate N0-. 3 of the Assembly hall and they shall frisk the visitors  before entering  inside the Assembly Compound, the same strength of the state police forces will also be deployed at Eastern Flank along Indira Park, and Southern Flank covering the areas of outside boundary wall including Congress Bhavan, Roop Mahal Tank and Building area adjoining Assembly Complex, road crossing of BT Road and Family Welfare road near transformer. Besides the at the Western flank outside boundary wall covering Uraban Family Welfare road, Assembly road crossing near Hao Keithel and Mayur Hotel the same strength of the state forces will also be deployed.
The official source further mentioned that, during the session hours, enough security will be also deployed at the building tops of GM, Hall, Imphal, building top of L Dayamoi near Mangang Lodge, building top of Mass Hotel and building top of Manipur State Cooperative Bank, Imphal.
Further heavy security deployment led by one SI one Head Constable 10 Recruited Constables from MPTS with anti riot equipments, three Women Home Guards, one Armed Sections from MR ad nine armed personnel from IRB shall also be made the selected outer core zone of Imphal City during the session at Krishnapremi Oil City, Moirangkhom and similar strength of the state forces will also be deployed at the areas of  Keishamthgong Bridge, Nityaipat Chuthek near Souther gate of Raj Bhavan Imphal,  Western bridge of Sanjenthong and in the front of Cm Bungalow, Maharani Bridge and Hathi Chowk, Kasturi Bridge,  Bridge near SS Hotel, road crossing near Jajal Provision, near Sani Mandir, Thangal bazaar,  Khoyathong Turning, in the front of LIC office, Imphal, in the front of Old Power House Keishampat.
The source further mentioned that two anti riot squads equipped with anti-riots equipments will also stationed in the front of GM Hall and at Alu Gali during the session is going on.
On the other hand in view of the smooth and successful conduct of the Assembly session, certain traffic regulation in and around the Assembly Secretariat has been made which will be implemented during the session.
As per the new traffic regulation, the vehicles of Chief minister and Ministers shall enter through gate No. 1 and exit through Gate No. 2 of the Assembly complex and vehicles of  Speaker and opposition leaders/Deputy Sepaker, Chairman of HAC, Vice Chairman HAC and Chairman of three financial Committee of the assembly shall parked inside the Assembly compound.
The vehicles  of MLAs shall enter through Gate No. 3 and exit through the same gate and park at the western side of the Family Welfare Department, the vehicles of Government Secretariat, Deptts, press shall not enter the Assembly compound and shall park at the western side of the Family Welfare Department, the private vehicles of the Assembly Secretariat staff and employees shall not be allowed to park inside the Assembly compound and shall park at the Eastern side of Indira Park. Further the official vehicles of the Assembly secretariat, Medical Team, Fire Tender of Manipur Fire Service shall be allowed to park inside the Assembly Compound and the vehicles of the visitors  shall not enter beyond the crossing points of NH-39 the Eastern side and Assembly road at the western side and all the Assembly secretariat staffs to invariably display their Photo ID cards.
In the meantime, it is also further ordered that no vehicle other than the VIP, minister and MLAs, security forces deployed maintaining law and order in connection with the Assembly session shall be allowed to pass through the Assembly road either from the Eastern side of the road crossing NH-39 or Assembly and Family Welfare road from 9 am of March 8. Further, the Assembly road will be closed from the evening of March 7 till the Assembly session is over.
Jeep Taxis, Auto’s, vans etc. which parked in front of GM Hall, Imphal shall move at the Eastern side of the NH-39 opposite Adarsh Laboratory, Imphal, the official order added.


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