Pride has no Vanity for BSNL



Much has been written about the failure of BSNL as a service provider during the past few days. I also have something to share about the same fate. I applied for a BSNL WLL connection from the Churachandpur exchange office in 2006 but i had to wait for over a year to get the set. After successive enquiry and hard pressing, i got it in 2008. The reason behind was that i was jumped over for so many times and many applicants after me had received the set ahead of me. With the activated WLL, i connected internet, but the server failed abruptly after a few months. When i enquired, i was told that it was because the place of operation was shifted from Dimapur to Kolkatta. Still after this, my server could not be active, and i ran again and again to the office, but without any positive result. After several enquiries and requests made even at the Imphal head office, the problem was unresolved. I once again approched the branch office at Churachandpur, and requested the technician/operator to come with me awhile by my motercycle and check if anything went wrong with my set or in my computer server set up as my home is not far away. To my dismay, i was abruptly told that “I had no responsibity to come and repair your computer”. I didn’t ask him to do this, but i asked him to provide his service at least once for the technical defect as he had always said that he was busy. After wasting much of my precious time, i got this reply instead of doing the job. More worse, one has to collect his bill from its office. These show their lack of concern to their customers as if we are nothing more than a stray dog. It is a wonder that the BSNL is not having a customer care service! While there are many private companies to compete with, the BSNL cannot remain proud of what it has provided. It has lost its hold in celular services, its iminent future is to lose its credibility soon as internet service provider as private companies are improving theirs. I have ably survived without the BSNL today.

Yours faithfully,
T. Hangshing


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