The mid day meal not reaching the door


Original Source: The Imphal Free Press


Through your esteemed Daily, I would like to put forward the fact that the State Government used to fail in sanctioning fund for transportation charges on Mid Day Meal for School children so as to reach the concerned schools in remote areas of the State. This resulted into late arrival and delay of Mid Day Meals for months to targeted children in many areas. The said Meals were kept in the Store House where they were deposited for even more than a half year. It is a great concern that the foods would naturally spoil or lose their tastes during the length of time. It is also doubtful that they are already expired. If, such sub-standard food is given to children if at all they are able to benefit them, what would have been the future resource and man power of our State? Would the concerned officers be willing to give their own children if they are provided the same food? Then why not sanction the Meals with transport expenses to reach the targeted area timely? Have the concerned schools in the Hill areas been granted or funded the transportation allowances so that they should take the full responsibility to ensure that the food reaches their doors? Only the stuffs cannot do unless provided with transport payment or drop them at the exact location. If not, who else would pay for it and take the initiative or responsibility which would involve a huge amount? So, the concerned Department and authorities are requested not to neglect this affair for the interest of the needy young school children as well as the public.

Yours truely,
H. Thangtungnung
Bungmual, Lamka.


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