Five Tangkhul villages condemn ambush


Newmai News NetworkIMPHAL, April 16: Five Tangkhul village heads and a civil organization have joined force in condemning the assassination attempt yesterday on MLA Wungnaoshang Keishing and have conveyed condolences to the families of seven deceased, including a civilian, while also wishing speedy recovery to about five other security personnel still in critical condition from the injury in the ambush. “We strongly condemn the act of ambush on Wungnaoshang Keishing by unidentified gunmen”, said a joint statement issued by Lovingson Jajo, chairman, Thoyee village, MH Wungreishung, headman, Riha village, Kapangmi Jajo, chairman, Riha village, Z Shimdhar, headman, Ramrei village, Yaomi Kasar, headman, Chadong village. The joint statement shared the grief and pain of the deceased families while also expressing “shock” on the “unwanted incident” and has strongly appealed to any armed group not to repeat such an “ugly” incident in the area. It has demanded adequate compensation for the deceased families and the injured from the State government.Similarly, Centre for Organization Research and Education (CORE) has expressed its deepest agony upon receiving information that Wungnaoshang Keishing and his security escort team have come under armed ambush from unidentified gunmen. “The reported ambush was clearly an attempt to assassinate Mr Keishing,” said a statement from CORE. It is a matter of great fortune that the MLA himself survived the deadly ambush. However, the dead of six security staffs and two civilians and the injury of four security staffs and one civilian is a deeply lamentable matter, it said.Adding that the beleaguered MLA has been in a vulnerable position lately for spearheading the demand for the carving out of full-fledged Phungyar district from the present Ukhrul district of Manipur, it said, “under the vitiated circumstance the attempt to assassinate Mr Keishing leaves many questions unanswered.” Urging that the government of Manipur must institute a judicial inquiry under a sitting high court judge of CBI inquiry into the ambush, CORE said that the government must adequately compensate the deceased families and the injured persons. It has also conveyed its deepest condolences to the surviving families and wishes a speedy recovery to those who are injured. Significantly, Wungnaoshang Keishing has been aggressively pushing the agenda for the creation of full-fledged Phungyar district by bifurcating the present Ukhrul district. Recently, He drew flaks from Naga apex body United Naga Council (UNC) for attempting to “derail” the demand for “Alternative Arrangement” for Nagas in Manipur. The MLA was asked to revoke the resolution for the demand of the district which he had apparently submitted to the government of the State but he steadfastly stood his ground saying that he was only obliging the wishes of the people who have been victims of uneven development in the district. Interestingly, Wungnaoshang Keishing ran for the last MLA election with the backing and patronage of United Naga Council (UNC).


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