Is this Quality Education ???



In a small state of MANIPUR even though the DISTANCE EDUCATION have established long time back with many branches, the QUALITY cannot be control till now. The Government of India makes a policy to open the Distance Education for each state an every state so as to stop spending huge amount of money for further study with a long distance. IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University) is one of the best examples for learning centre, where Regional Centre was open at every state of the country. IGNOU also select the school and college with well equipped Infrastructure and Faculty as its study centre. On the other hand PUNJAB TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY (PTU) was also an authorized learning centre with professional courses under the DISTANCE EDUCATION COUNCIL. Like other state some branches of PTU was open at the state of Manipur from DIPLOMA COURSE to MASTER LEVEL COURSES. But admission for every semester without proper classroom is AGAINST THE QUALITY EDUCATION. For example Bsc.IT has six semester having problem when there is no sufficient classroom for each semester. So, we should not think only for the QUANTITY, but better to remember the QUALITY also. In comparison with the IGNOU and PTU in case of the examination way of conduct, IGNOU contact the Manipur University so as to conduct a smooth and well examination whereas PTU is conducting the examination just like NOS (National open School). The Quality of Exam of the PTU shows the standard of PTU as 3 to 4 student’s seat in a bench with full right for MASS COPY. The best example can be seen at the examination of the PTU which is going on at present. Actually, IGNOU is a correspondent course where as PTU is with full regular class course but the worse examination in the state just spoils the system of PTU. ONE FUNNY thing is that almost passed out students of PTU could not face any kind of interview. Exam as it seems that they passed their examination only for the certificate. So lastly as a Guardian I suggest that EXIT or STOP of PTU courses in the State of Manipur doesn’t depend on the students of PTU But it depends on the Managing Directors of PTU branches of Manipur .We should not think only for the BUSINESS with good Income of Money, but we also need to think for Quality products for future generation as “STUDENTS ARE THE PILLARS OF THE NATION “

 Yours Guardian

Mrs. L Sandhyarani Devi

Langol, Imphal.


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