Khurai Polo Club triumphs in state level polo tournament


IMPHAL, April 7: Khurai Polo Club beat Singjamei Polo Club 8-7 in a thrilling final of the ongoing 2nd edition of 57 Mountain Division State Level Polo Tournament held at Mapal Kangjeibung Today.

Both teams leveled scores at the end of allotted 4 chukkers and Khurai Polo Club`™s L. Thomson scored the golden goal in the extra chukker to lift the trophy. Earlier in the match, Khurai Polo Club`™s P. Jyotin scored magnificient 6 goals for his side.

Khurai Polo Club`™s P. Jotin scored in the 2:23 min and 6:42 of the 1st chukker, 2:33 min in the 2nd chukker, 4:03 and 6:38 in the 3rd chukker 6:22 in the 4th chukker. Th. Mocha scored in 7:00 min in 1st chukker and Thomson in 6:22 of 4th chukker with the golden goal in the 5th chukker.

Singjamei Polo club`™s P. Ojit scored in 4:45 of 1st chukker, s. Gopimohon in 5:30 of 1st chukker, M. Manihar in 2:30 of 3rd chukker, M. Doren in 3:45 of 3rd chukker, Ch. Ajit in 5:40 and 6:57 of 3rd chukker and M. Manihar in 2:36 of the 4th chukker.


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