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Leader Writer: Paojel ChaobaLaw and order of a state cannot only be attributed to the conflict between the state and non state actors. Most of the chaos occurring, the random incidents of a grenade landing on someone’s courtyard ,a residence shot at by unknown persons are intimidation techniques used by gangsters and pseudo revolutionaries for quick monitory gain.
It has become a common saying that the separatist movement today has become a small scale industry and the motive has become more of a business then towards the struggle for an independent nation.
The living standards of the public and the per capita income is one of the lowest as compared to the other states of India, being a land locked state the cost of essential items are also comparatively high and the industrial revolution or the green one is yet to take off in the state, the question of self reliance needs to be seriously addressed.
The report of the comptroller and auditor general for the year 2010 reports many frauds and embezzlement in all of the major departments of the state government and astronomical sums have been hoodwinked, this is a clear indication that rampant corruption takes place and those in power are always trying to fill their pockets from the public money.
Still, needlessly to say that change cannot take place overnight, but one struggles each day with the hope that tomorrow will be much brighter. But a collective effort is required to bring about the positive changes, let the insurgents wage their struggle for independence but stick to the ground rules laid by the Geneva Convention and with respect to human lives and property. The state security forces including the top officials of other departments should act their part and perform for the betterment of the state machinery. It is a high hope to expect the same from politicians, but nevertheless let us hope that the new breed of young policy makers will be different.
The root of many problems afflicting the state is the lust for currency notes ,of course everyone wants money. But the means adopted to earn money is the problem.
Of recent, the state has fallen prey to many scams operated through the internet. Gullible public mostly those without a sense of business have fallen prey to such scams as TVI, Forex investments,Visarev, Global Index Wing etc by luring the investors with unreasonably high returns. Stories are heard of families going bankrupt and relations going sour. Due to such schemes not only money is lost but trust which is not available in the market. Those who incur the losses hardly advertise their folly as no one wants to be the butt end of jokes and the network scams thrives on such opportunities.
The public being technologically hindered is also another problem, as an uneducated housewife views the web page on the screen of a computer as the biblical truth.
The breakdown of the pyramid schemes have left the poor, poorer and the only ones enjoying are the ring leaders of the scam.
The top leaders of such illegal scams have fled the state with bulging bank accounts and might be sipping a glass of champagne by the seaside and thanking the investors of the state for their present lifestyle.
 The con artist will always be on the lookout for easy prey and their methods may vary, the state home department needs to become tech savvy instead of just buying hovercrafts and new weapons. The cyber crime prevention department should check the genuineness of new internet based companies entering the state and take corrective measures to safeguard the public interests and book the perpetrators. One thinks that the staff at the cyber crime department as playing solitaire on the computer and face booking all the time.


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