Rationalization of Recruitment is need of the hours


Leader Writer: Sukham Nanda
Over all Strength of the state security forces under State Home Department have crossed over double the of the strength of the employees of the various respective major departments of the state which have reached 24646 includes 10310 Civil police, 13518 MR/IRB, 39 CMTW, 516 Wireless Staffs, 11 FSL, 66 Medical Staffs and 186 Ministrial Staff against the total sanctioned post of 33503, which is above 30% of the existing employees strength working at Manipur Secretariat and other engineering departments of the state.

It may be mentioned that, existing SPF government considering the main cause of the disturbances in the affairs of the state administrations due to uncontrollable situations of violence activities during the course of insurgency movements by the various insurgents groups operating in the state, state government from time to time took decision for the strengthening of the state security forces to control over the violent actions and activities of the insurgent groups and enhancing the Counter Insurgency Operations with implementation of the centrally added project of state police modernization. So far multiple recruitment of 9 phases to the state security forces have been completed after obtaining special permission from the Centre despite of having banned in direct recruitment since last eight years in the state and more manpower of state force are also planning to raise by the government.

On the other hand, it has matter of concerned for the people of the state on part of failure that despite of having being deployed a large numbers of state security forces in very nook and corner of the Greater Imphal areas and other parts of valley districts, letting armed militants to attacked civilians by the guns and bombs on the broad daylight everyday shows the lack of sensitivities and failure in intelligence networks of the state police department which state government need check immediately.

In the meantime, the concerned have also been felt by various head of departments of the state at present as many major and minor departments of the state have been functioning by under staffs since last many years caused by the prolonged failure to fill up the posts which are lying vacant after retirement of many employees as result the departments are now facing serious concern while delivering for a sound and active administration of the respective department as directives have given to do so by the government. Time has come for the state government to reopen with creative policies so as to enable the existing departments to work and deliver the services for the welfare of the state after maintaining an adequate staffs and which could be the part of policy to solve the existing problems of educated unemployed of the state.

The various officials of state government departments have observed that, the policy of the state government can never be denied by the employees but the failure on the objectives despite of increase in the strength of the state forces to control over excessive activities of the insurgent in terms threat perceptions related with momentary demands and other issues could not be solved by the state government till today as and it has a matter of big concern for all employees of the state have been increasing day by day.

Obviously it has also another serious concerned for the various department on arising complicacy on the shortages of man powers in various essential departments like, Medical, and Health care, education at present but the failure of state government to consider appointment of the required staffs in these essential departments can never solved the existing lapses of the departmental administrations.

Considering the existing problems of facing by the state departments due to the under staffs, the state policies for rationalization in the recruitment of the employees of various department are immediately require in the state if the state government really wanted to maintain an effective and responsible administrations in the state.


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