Singjamei Polo Club beat Imphal Riding Club


IMPHAL, April 12: Singjamei Polo Club beat Imphal Riding Club 8 – 2 in today’s match of 21st Governor’s club State Level Polo tournament held at Mapal Kangjeibung. Both the teams were leveled 1-1 in the first chukker. Strongly displaying their speedy horses, Singjamei polo club scored 3 more goals in the second chukker leading 4-1. Both the teams scored a goal each in the third chukker taking the score to 5-2. S. Scoring 3 more goals all by himself, S. Girimohon sealed the fate of Imphal Riding Club taking the final score to 8-2. For Singjamei Polo Club, S. Girimohon scored in the 6:23 min of the 1st chukker, M. Doren in 4:16 and 6:42 and P. Ojit in 5:43 min of the second chukker. M. Doren in 4:08 of the 3rd chukker and S. Girimohon in 2:52, 4:30 and 7:06 of the 4th chukker. For Imphal Riding club, N. Ranjan scored in the 3:50 min of the 1st chukker and Prakash in 6:26 of the 3rd chukker.


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