Floral tribute paid to victims of Kodompokpi firing


People paying floral tributes at the martyr’s complex, Cheiraoching in memory of the nine persons killed by army personnel at Kodompokpi on April 13, 1982.
IMPHAL, April 13: A large number of people turned up to pay floral tribute at Chingmeirong Cheiraoching, at the martyr complex constructed in remembrance of nine persons killed by army personnel at Kodompokpi on April 13, 1982.
However the people, well wishers including the family members of the victim faced hard time following deployment of stringent security measures. Paying of floral tribute began since early morning today but due to imposition of queue system, expectation of the people was disappointed.
Some people due to the long queue paid their floral tribute at the foothill.
Besides long queue the security forces conducted frisking of the entire people including the media at the foothill before approaching the memorial complex. Only one or two people were allowed at a time to offer the floral tribute.
Owing to complaints from the people for the slow pace and long queue amidst the scorching sun, N. Surendrajit, advocate, filed a petition at the court of Justice NK. Singh, Guwahati High court Imphal bench.
The petition complained that the security forces are causing unnecessary trouble by not allowing people to freely offer floral tribute and which is much against the expectation of the people.
Subsequently, the court released an order to allow the offering as to the convenience of the people and warned to face the consequences to the tune of contempt proceedings and other consequences if the order is violated.
After the order by the court, security forces later allowed people to pay the offering in groups.
On the other hand, earlier in the morning, live coverage of the event by local cable ISTV was banned. Besides that entry of media persons who came for covering the event were banner for some time and were allowed only after obtaining permission for the higher authority of the police but with a limit of time.
It may be recalled that the Guwahati High Court Imphal bench of Justice TNK. Singh, permitted family members, well wishers and others to perform ritual ceremony of floral tribute at Chingmeirong Cheiraoching martyr complex on April 11.


  1. Its a new horizon for the Kangleipak.People have slowly but invincibly unflinching awareness could be sensed.Kangleipak will get her Freedom One Good Day!Miracle happens!But not to lose hope.

    This is time to conjure up and reminisce the real feel of time when our own bloods fought for eternity.This sacrifices surpasses ever mankind has to see.Its above all zeal,enthusiasm,zest,energy which we need to seek!

    Long Live Kangleipak!


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