Be An Ambassador Of Peace!


By Dr. Thamsing LamkangFew things are as important as friendship: Friendship without frontiers, without resentment, without problems, without hate. How many barriers man has created? The barriers that destroy and kill, that discriminate between people because of their belief, or their origins. One of the most destructive forces or barriers that are created is for the ‘love of money and power’. It is evident today that are the product of SIN, because God says that the result of ‘sin is Hate and Death’!
Some people think that they can conquer anything. They don’t seem to care what they do or how they live. I’ll do as I like is their motto, and it carries them straight to destruction. Many didn’t understand that, ‘you are your own worst enemy when you follow only your will’. Don’t believe you can do as you like and ignore God and the people around you. Some day your own life will bring you to a fatal reality. Always remember that ‘you are your own worst enemy’. You may think I can do as I like and have it all, in the worst sense of the word, ignoring those who advice you to slow down, but one day you’ll be sorry for your own action.
It is hard to find real ‘Peace Makers’ in our land. It is difficult to find people who seek real peace of God and dependence on God. Many leaders proclaim peace everyday but ‘it is usually a biased peace, a peace that is convenient. It is easily spelled without any initiative’.
Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison for the love of his people. Mandela is people’s leader who proclaimed ‘Peace and Forgiveness’ instead of ‘Hate and Revenge’. His reasons ‘Mandela love God, and love others without any conditioned’ (that included 27 years in prison). His people waited 27 years for his release so that they will take ‘revenge’ headed by him.
But on the released day ‘he proclaimed Peace, forgive them and let there be peace in our land’, indeed peace prevails since then. The people were ashamed to speak out for revenge. The man who spent half of his life in jail is willing to forgive, and are we not ashamed to speak for revenge? Nelson Mandela, the man who truly loves God, also proven to love others through his proclamation of Peace.  God teaches us that we should be at peace as much as possible with everyone. Those who seek peace are blessed! Peace is followed by Love. The First Commandment is, ‘to Love the Lord your God, with all your heart, mind and strength. The Second is, to love your neighbors, and also to love your enemies’. Love is an easy word to proclaim but somewhat fails to accept, because they don’t really know God. True love is unconditional, with the true spirit of sacrifice and surrender, provided for others to experience ‘Real and Lasting Peace’!
We need real ‘Peace Makers’ that are very essential in the present political scenario. The first reason is because we love God, and the second reason is to love the people. But it cannot be done in your power, you need God’s power. It is a commandment for every Christians to make peace with everybody; men and women who never accept evil; men and women who prefer to lose their own rights to let God be glorified. There’re men and women who are able to abandon all disputes so that the gospel is not stained with their attitude. Peace Makers truly are the happiest people.
How many divisions have been created even in the Christian churches, because the members did not know how to give in! How many problems for the gospel have been caused by useless traditions! How many problems are caused because of the leaders hungry only for Money and Power to rule the world in their own interest! How many minute details have separated entire families during years of quarrelling! How many ‘because-I-say-so’ arguments have created enmity that has only been resolved by death and divisions, struggles, jealousy, and anger as the favorite weapons of the Devil, to destroy the unity of the peace loving people! Worthy indeed are those who seek peace.
God says that ‘Peace Makers’ will be called His children, but the world will recognize them as bad influenced. God is the greatest example of a Peace Maker because He made peace with all men through His only Son Jesus Christ, while we’re still His enemy. One should never forget that one of God’s characteristics is His kindness: unlimited kindness. We know that by experience. Let every Naga people always remembers that, ‘Peace Makers: Happy People. Peace Makers: Happy Nation!’
Let the peace of God prevails in our land.  Let every Naga people be an “Ambassador of Peace”. For every Ambassador of Peace it is not essential to consider its people, tribe, color, race, religion or denomination and sect. But let all men be the light of peace, not only in every heart and family, but Naga-nationwide. “We must tear down all the barriers, the walls of enmity and envy”. If these walls are not pulled down now, they might become a mountain, which would be a disaster for the younger generation. God placed the people wherever they lived, so that the gospel lights shine to their neighbors!
The people who seeks peace is happy, because he doesn’t let hate live in his heart! “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God” Matt. 5: 9.Dr. Thamsing LamkangPastor & Advisor, Nagaland Sports Coalition



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