Rain brings tell tale signs of compromised quality in construction of Nupi Keithels


IMPHAL, May 21: With just a day of rain, cracks have begun to appear again on the three Nupi Keithels of Khwairamband bazaar with water seeping into the upper floors of all three keithels giving a tell-tale sign of the quality compromised work maintained during its construction.
Mention may be made that cracks had first appeared at the ground floor of Luxmi market just before UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi was to inaugurate the three Ima Market of Khwairamband market during November last year.
The cracks this time round has appeared on a much larger scale with water already leaking into the upper floors of all the three newly inaugurated buildings. Leaking into the upper floors of the buildings the water has also reached the ground floors.
When IFP rushed in to get a first hand report of the cracks, a prominent crack was found at a main pillar of one of the Nupi Keithels and others were also found on the ceilings.
Meanwhile with the cracks appearing on all three buildings, vendors occupying the markets have expressed panic and doubt on the quality maintained during the construction of the markets. Some had even stated the possible effects of the cracks on their livelihood as they are relying on the markets for their living.
Speaking to this reporter of the IFP, one vendor of Luxmi bazaar, one of the three Nupi Keithels recently inaugurated by the visiting UPA chairman, expressed her suspicion on the quality of work maintained during the construction as the cracks on the building are prominently visible.
She further stated that due to the leaking of the rain water from the upper floors which is at present lying vacant to the floors below where all the vendors are doing their business, the vendors are finding it difficult to even tend to their business.
Meanwhile, there were also vendors who were so absorb in their business that they failed to realized that the roof of the market under which they are selling their wares is leaking water. Meanwhile it may be maintained that all the three buildings of the Khwairamband market were inaugurated by the UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi on November 12, 2010 in the presence of Manipur Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh and Kumari Shelja, Union minister of housing and Urban Poverty alleviation and Tourism.
The foundation stone for construction of the three Khwairamband markets, which took approximately 3 years and Rs 70 crores approx to complete was laid on October 25, 2007 by state works minister K Ranjit.
Work tender of the three markets which has been constructed under funding from the Ministry of Urban Development was initially awarded to the National Building Construction Corporation (NBCC). The NBCC later surrendered the contract on grounds of the prevailing law and order condition of the state.
The fund was then deposited to the MAHUD and later to the PWD.
The contract was again floated by the PWD and finally tendered to SIMPLEX.
It may be also added that the present agitating street vendors who had been agitating against the government decision to shift them to Lamphel from Khwairamband keithel has been demanding vending spaces for them at upper floors of the three markets.


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