Mao gate incident anniversary observed, NPC declaration reaffirmed


Girls in traditional attire singing during the 1st first anniverssary of the death of two students in Mao on May 6, 2010.
Girls in traditional attire singing during the 1st first anniverssary of the death of two students in Mao on May 6, 2010.
IMPHAL, May 6: Terming the incident where two youths of Kalinamai village were killed in police firing during the impasse on Muivah’s entry into the state, as a tremendous opportunity created to unite the Nagas, various Naga leaders today gave a clarion call to the scattered Nagas to move forward and to lead the Nagas to a new height and attain the idea of “One people One Nation”.

The Naga leaders gave the call during the observation of the first anniversary of the death of the two students of Kalinamai identified as one Neli Chakho s/o (L) S. Neli, BA second year student of St. Joseph Evening College, Bangalore, and Dikho Loshou s/o H. Dikho, BA second year student of St. Joseph College, Jakhama. The victims were killed on May 6, 2010 during firing by state forces during the impasse on entry of Th. Muivah general secretary of NSCN-IM into the state.

The observation was organized by the United Naga Council (UNC) and held at Nghorei, about 2 km away from the Mao gate. The Naga Civil bodies in dedication of the victims name the place as “Martyr Park” and erected an Epitaph in memory of the two.

In the meantime, the thousands of people gathered during the observation also unanimously reaffirmed the July 1, 2010, declaration of the 3rd Naga People’s Convention held at Tahamzam which included that the Nagas will severe all political ties with the Government of Manipur and to pursue an alternative arrangement till it is assured by the Government of India to the Naga people.

The declaration was also endorsed by the Chandel Naga People Organisation (CNPO), Naga People Organisation (NPO) Senapati, Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL), Zeliangrong Baudi Manipur (ZBM), Naga Women Union Manipur (NWUM), All Naga Students’ Association Manipur (ANSAM).

A gun salute was also given by the ANSAM representatives (using licensed single and double barrel guns) besides a befitting floral tribute from the gathering public including the bereaved families of the victim.

Silent observation in remembrance of the victims, presentation of songs in dedication and honor of the victims, further marked the observation.

The UNC also stated that the observation was organized to manifest their unwavering political stand for a greater merging of the Nagas.

While delivering his chief guest speech, Keviletuo Kiewhuo president, Naga Hoho, maintained that the event of supreme sacrifice made by the two youths for the cause of Nagas has added a new page in the history of Naga. Even as the event is a tragic one it is at the same time an honor for there are people among the Nagas willing to sacrifice for the cause of its people, he said.

The president held that the Nagas’ neighbour however does not acknowledge the desire of the Nagas’ but are rather dividing them further more. The Nagas should be strong as the deceased two students and be prepared to fill the requirement in the struggle ahead.

Despite the perpetual disturbances in the confrontation and struggle, Keviletuo urged the Nagas to complete and fulfill their dream.

He said that the event has created a tremendous opportunity for the Nagas to speak outside the Naga homeland.

Once the Nagas was under bad impression of Delhi who thought that they are encroaching others’ lands however perpetual realization has been brought about on the event of barring entry of Muivah to his native village which has change the view, contended the Naga leader.

UNC, president Samson Remei, while extending his salute to the two decease branded them as the ‘two brave sons of the Nagas’ victimized by communal forces. Recalling the May 6 incident he said imposition of curfew and deployment of irrelevant security forces rather interpreted the peace rally to a warlike situation.

The UNC president termed the indiscriminate firing killing the two deceased and injuring and displacing many others as a “Diabolic Fury”.

He maintained the dreams of the Nagas to be together is yet to be realized and is forcefully snatch by their adversaries adding the only way to free ourselves is to severe political tie with the present Government and pressure the GOI to make an alternative arrangement. “The only way to bring peace and harmony is to respect our rights, if it is neglected it will create conflict situation”, said the UNC president.

As announced earlier by the ANSAM normal traffic was disrupted along the NH-39 for several hours. The route was open to vehicles only after the completion of the observation.

In the meantime, police personnel were seen deployed in the periphery of the observation site.


  1. If the base is formed on basis of fault and deceptions, any form of struggle are bound to meet the fate which is not encouraging.Muivah and nscn(im) are badly cornered by India govt.This man knows well.Only those who are key(players) people knows that now nothing can be done to reverse the fact.All that left is either both flinch back a step simultaneously but not applicable for “stepping ahead”.Reason is “holy grail” had been desecrated.And death of an NSCN in reality(but virtually acting to exists)That’s what wrongly formed base are bound get.Fact also is that Mr Muivah’s home town is flirting for “severing into two” for what he always wanted to spit venom of hatred all the time towards his brothers.Everything got boomeranged.Worse is that there many like him who still misleading communities which eventually meet the same fate as he is.Meitei dont want any enmity or animosity with our chingmee brothers.History is the fact(and testimony) that Kangleipak was built by both the brothers.We also know that there is only few negligible elements among chingmees who are still in the hate game.There is nothing like solid stands without bond of brotherhood.

    Kangleipak for People of the all indigenous people


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