Minister`s donation leads to deadly altercation


IMPHAL, May 10: At least four persons were hurt yesterday during an altercation amongst villagers of Shangaiyumpham in Thoubal district at around 9:30 pm.According to a reliable source, the altercation broke out amongst the villagers after MOBC minister Md Allauddin had reportedly donated a sum of Rs 3 lakhs to his clan members residing at Shangaiyumpham during the month of April this year.The source added that some other villagers of the locality demanded some portion of the donation from the clan members of the minister stating that the amount was meant for the whole villagers and not just for the minister’s clan members after which an altercation broke off between the two parties.According to the villagers, the clan members of the minister armed with stones, sticks and license guns started attacking the other villagers in which the later retaliated. In the ensuing scuffle four villagers identified as Md Zameer Khan, 27, s/o Manao, Md Ajiuddin, 65, Md Elis Khan, 20, s/o Islamuddin and Md Sarauddin, 30, s/o Ajiuddin were injured.The source further added that among the four, Md Elis Khan is reported to be seriously hurt with gun wounds on his head. He is now undergoing treatment at the Shija Hospital.Meanwhile, it is also reported that Md Zameer Khan was hit by bullets on both his shoulders while Ajiuddin was also scratched by a bullet on his head. Md Sarauddin was hit by a rubber bullet. All three are presently admitted at the RIMS hospital, stated the source.Meanwhile, a written complaint was filed to the OC Thoubal PS, by one local identified as Md Abdulmadlif alias Ibomcha, 46 this early morning.In the written complaint, he stated that persons belonging to the Phundreimayum clan (minister’s clan) used weapons which include sticks, stones and license guns while attacking the other villagers.The complaint further identified Md Hesamuddin, 50 and his son Md Akhan, 27, Md Fharaman, 27, s/o Late Niyajulli and Md Naseer Ahmad as perpetrators of the violent attack.


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