MVHA secretary denies charges against him


IMPHAL May 19: The Secretary of Manipur Voluntary Health Association today, has categorically denied the charges leveled against him by some of the alleged former employees of the association regarding non- clearance of their monthly honorarium.
Speaking at a press conference held at the office chamber of the secretary, MVHA, he clarified that as per registrations of an NGO act and the norms and conditions agreed upon by the former staff members, their demands and allegation framed against him are baseless and unreasonable. He said that Manipur Voluntary Health Association had engaged the former staffs on various specific projects implemented by the association.

It was very unfortunate on the part of operational programmes of the association following the curtailing of financial assistance from various funding agencies on an alleged charge of misused of fund by some officials of the Associations during 2009. Since then the activation of functioning of various programmes by the association could not be perform, as a result MVHA has been surviving on meager funds, he clarified.

Refuting on the charges that inconveniences were meted out to patients who came to MVHA for various medications and counseling by the non functioning of the association`™s office, he clarified that no such thing has happened as stated in some local media, however, patients were all duly attended on their needs.

He said that yesterday a meeting was called at 2 pm at the office; however, the former staff members had already left by 1.30 pm. Today a meeting was held among the executive committee and the staff members and a clarification was made on issues arising from some misunderstandings, he added.

He further added the former staff would be reengaged as soon as new projects are received.


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