Problems leading to decline in bird population mulled at WMBD observation


IMPHAL May 14: World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) initiated to create awareness and sensitized the general public on the importance of conserving and preserving the ecosystems of Migratory birds, was also celebrated today in the state with the theme ‘Land use changes from a bird’s eye view’. A press conference was held today in connection with the celebration at Manipur press club, Imphal. The celebration was jointly organized by Indian National Trust for Arts and Cultural Heritage, Indian Bird conservation Society Network, Manipur Association for Science and society, Environmental and Human Development and Generation De Image.Dr.RK. Ranjan, state coordinator for Indian National Trust for arts and culture heritage (INTACH) and Indian Bird Conservation Network (IBCN) while addressing the media persons said that UNPD has been organizing WMBD since 2006 with different themes every year, however the celebration jointly organized by INTACH, IBCN, MASS, EHUD and GENIM today is the first in the state. Highlighting on various issues and problems leading to the declined in the populations of different species of migratory birds he said that human based activities had created immense setbacks in the patterns of migratory birds. Clearing of natural areas for cultivations and extractions of natural resources, rapid urbanizations, diminishing natural water bodies, etc were major factors that threaten the habitats of various species, he added. In order to protect from such changes brought by the human activities that affects the patterns of migratory birds implementations of wise and judicious use of lands should be adopted he added. He further added that conservations and preservations of their habitats and ecosystems has become a priority.R.K.Birjit, president, GNIM also addressed the conference on various problems faced in our state regarding gradual decline on the natural habitats of birds and the need to create awareness on various issues such as the alarming condition of the Loktak Lake and the adverse effect it has on the migratory birds, diminishing natural forested areas by rapid expansion of human settlement, etc.World Migratory Bird Day is celebrated on the second weekend of each May, every year.


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