Sr SP reacts to incompetency charge; appeals for co-operation from public


IMPHAL, May 24: The Sr. SP Imphal West, L Kailun has appeal to the NGOs, social organisations and the general public to assist in the investigation of cases like suicides, heinous crimes and specially crimes committed against women and children.
The SP`™s statement came in the wake of the allegation leveled against state police department by the Women Action for Development, which hurled incompetency charges towards the state police for the latter`™s failure to take up action in cases related to crimes against women and children and suicides.

Reacting to the observation given by WAD secretary Sobita Mangsatabam as appeared in today`™s news report of the IFP under the caption `Women victim families hurl incompetency charges at state police`™, the Sr. SP Imphal West clarified certain points to the public in investigations of crimes against women and children and cases of suicides etc.

The Sr SP clarified that in almost all the cases of suicides reported, UD cases are invariably registered and investigated into. If evidence of abetment/torture is found against the husband or family members then a criminal case/FIR case are taken up and investigated further.

In such cases allegations are always coming from the victim`™s family but in most of the cases without prima facie. The police have to assumed as suicide until evidences of abet/torture are found, the Sr SP said in the statement.

With regard to child trafficking cases, the Sr SP said it is much more difficult due to its inter-state ramification and as the crime is noticed only after the victims are out of the state. Preventing children being sent outside the state for study is not the solution as it will amount to depriving their right to study, the statement added.

While stating that all crimes are committed with motives, the Sr SP`™s statement went on to say that investigation of cases starts with the motives of the case, preservation of scene of crime which are considered important. People should not disturb the scene of any crime as once disturbed vital evidence/clues will be lost forever, the Sr SP said adding witnesses should come forward to assist the investigation in unraveling the truth.


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