ZSU againt the Military Civic Action programmes


IMPHAL, May 2: The All Zeliangrong Students`™ Union (Assam, Manipur and Nagaland) has caution all villager of the Zeliangrong public including village chairman, secretaries and leaders against attending Military Civic Action programmes.

Reiterating the failures of the government to fulfill its earlier stands and the joint memorandum submitted to the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh on March 24 last the official statement of the union signed by its general secy Nchaheing Kompoing, mentioned that, it is learnt from their source that Col. Chonkar of 11 AR has been campaigning among the innocent peace loving and gullible public in the name of extending Military Civic Action programme in Tamenglong district so that he can cover up his past misdeeds.

The release further mentioned that, Col. Chonkar of 11 AR invited village chairman/secretary for a meeting on May 6 this month at Tamenglong district head quarter to draw up the action plan/works programme of the military civic action for the year 2011-12. It would be hard for the people of the Zeliagrong to believe such a maverick officer of AR who gifted a computer set to Zeliangrong Students, Union, Tamenglong district and took it back later on because the Students body does not follow his dictate. Besides, Col. Chinkar of 11 AR has been oragnising such MCA programme to show case that he has been doing welfare programme in the district because he has lost the confidence of public. Besides, there has been enquiry against him from his higher ups the release added.

It is also mentioned that, it is a carrot and stick policy of the Indian security forces and GOI towards the Naga people for the last 60 years or more.

Military civic action is nothing but a sleuth device to lure the Naga public so that it may sabotage the Indo-Naga peace process and this cannot be taken as a boon rather it may turn into a curse for the Nagas one day, it maintained.

And therefore, the union appeals to the villagers of Zeliangrong public including village chairman, secretaries and leaders not to welcome/accept any kind of development work under MCA because that may entrap the Zeliangrong people in the long run and further caution on the evil design of the Indian Army and any one who attends the said meeting will be treated as anti Zeliangrong and anti-Nagas.

The release finally mentioned that, the Zeliangrong people take those irresponsible actions and high handedness of a mere colonel as an insult to the people who have been bearing all types of atrocities committed by both the Colonial Sepoys and the Indian Army.

Col. Chonkar is view/observed as an embodiment of terror with a colonial mindset to harass the peace loving Zeliangrong people, it maintained.

It has further urged the GOI to initiate appropriate action against Col. Chonkar of 11 AR so that peaceful atmosphere in Naga area is restored once again and failing of which AZSU in cooperate with other like minded civil societies will launch series of democratic agitation till their demands are fulfilled, the release added.


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