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NGOs` forum regrets Ukhrul hospital

IMPHAL, July 27: MACS partner NGOs’ Forum, Imphal has regretted the unwanted and neglected functioning of the authorities of Ukhrul district hospital which has allegedly resulted in the death of one AS Themngam of Wino Bazar, Ukhrul who has been living with HIV/AIDS.

According to a release of the forum, irresponsible duties of the staff of the hospital reveal the real picture of the pathetic condition that is happening in the Ukhrul district hospital and the concerned authorities should take immediate necessary measures for rectification and strengthening the present position of hospital so that such unwanted incident may not happen in the future.

It also mentioned that, the forum expressed its sincere appreciation to the concerned civil society and NGOs of Ukhrul district for their timely intervention and efforts to help the PLWHAs community.



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