SoO meeting deliberates on demands of Kuki outfits


IMPHAL, July 1: A meeting of the various Kuki militant outfits under the banner of the Kuki National Army/Kuki National Organization and the United People’s Front which are signatories of the SoO with the government was convened today at the Officer Club of Ist MR which was also attended by representatives of both the central and state government.

According to an official source, various issues regarding the early completion of the approved designated camps and issue of Identity cards for their cadres were today deliberated upon during the meeting.

According to an official source, the meeting was attended by Dr. MC Mehanathan, director, NE-I in charge of Ministry of Home Affairs, Nabin Verma, jnt. secy. NE, MHA representing the central government and Binod Kispota, IAS, state commissioner Home, Devesh Dewal, IAS, jnt. secy Home, and LM Khoute, IPS, Addl. DGP (Intl) representing the state government.

The meeting was also attended by other officials concerned of the army, CRPF, BSF, Assam Rifles and started at 11 am till 1.30 pm.

It has further maintained that the official source further mentioned that, the leaders of the Kuki outfits have jointly raised their dissatisfaction over the delaying tactic of the government while implementing the assured welfare programmes for their cadres in terms of delivering the monthly stipends, completions of assured designated camps and issuances of identity cards to the recognized cadres of the different groups under the SoO as whose list had already been submitted by the authorities to the government.

In the meantime, officials representing both centre and state on hearing the request from the leaders of the outfits further assured to fulfilled their demands, added the source.

Meanwhile the government representatives has also advised the militant leaders to maintained their cadres properly and abstain them from indulging in any anti social activity and to utilize the cadres in the restoration of peace and harmony in their respective areas of operations.

The meeting concluded with a grand launch organized by the state home department at the same venue this added the source.


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