State cabinet decides on a few amendments to Lok Pal draft


IMPHAL, July 1: The state cabinet in its meeting held this afternoon chaired by the Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh at his official bungalow after analyzing the entire context of the drafted Jan Lok Pal Bill provided to the state by the union finance minister Pranab Mukherjee has decided the need of a few amendments of the draft.

According to a senior cabinet minister, the state cabinet meeting after a threadbare discussion of the Lok Pal Bill draft, observed the need of an amendment to the drafted bill, by which punitive actions may be allowed upon any complainant in case the complainants complain against any minister or bureaucrats turn out to be false or based on fabricated information.

According to the same cabinet minister the meeting has further decided to oppose the clause of the draft which states the exemption of the Auditor & Accountant General of India, retd Chief Justice, Ex- Lok Pal chairman and other high ranking officials from the purview of the bill.

Another amendment that the state cabinet has decided upon during the state cabinet meeting is to take up punishment according to the extent of the convicted corruption or the scam as against life imprisonment for all convicted of corruption as laid down in the draft, stated the minister.

Further today’s cabinet discussion on the Lok Pal Bill shows the inclusion of the whole nation in the review of the Lok Pal bill draft and the intention of the state government towards bringing down corruption in the state.

It may also be recalled that, the same Jan Lok Pal bill draft was sent to the state government directly from the office of the union finance minister Pranab Mukherjee on June 21 with an advice to consider and share views regarding proper amendment of the bill.

In the meantime, the senior cabinet minister further mentioned that, the state cabinet today has also decided for the establishment of a Hotel Management, Catering, Technical Applied Nutrition Institute at the site of the existing defunct FCS Godown at Luwangsangbam.

He further mentioned that, the very decision of the state cabinet was taken following a positive implications from the centre for allowing the state government to establish the said institute.

He further stated that with positive implication from the centre the state government is in the process to acquire the said portion of land having 4.6 acres of land, and added that, formal acquisition of the land will be started very soon.

The proposed institute which will have various degree and diploma courses in hotel management, catering and other related trades will help the willing and aspiring educated youths of the state, he added.


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