Army provides equipments for road works


    IMPHAL, Aug 21: In its initiative to improve the infrastructure of the far flung villages of Senapati district, 59 Mountain Brigade under Red Shield Division has provided dozer to various remote villages of Saikul Region.

    Dozers have been provided to various villages of Saikul on requisition from Chairmen and villagers of these villages and the same will continue till the time requirements of local populace are met. The dozer is being used for construction of tracks to connect the villages with the existing road networks, levelling of play grounds and also to support in the construction of church buildings. Till now the dozer has worked successfully at Lungjan and H Yangnom villages.  The dozer work is in progress at village Moljol where it is constructing a track. Chief and representative of respective villages expressed their gratitude for the humble gesture of security forces.


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