CPI (M) lambastes state govt on Sadar Hills issue


IMPHAL August 23: The Communist Party of India (Marxist), Manipur State Committee has  criticized the Congress-led  SPF for putting several lakhs of people under undue rigors owing to its indecisiveness and bad handling of the issues concerning the demand of full-fledged Sadar hill district.

During a press conference held today at the office of the CPI (M) Manipur state committee located at the 3rd floor of the Abetho Korea Market, Governor Road, Kangjeibung Manning, Imphal, the secretariat members of the CPI (M) Manipur State committee, Sharat Salam, Meitram Shamu and Kshtrimayum Santa accused the government of remaining nonchalance on the prevailing issues arising in the state ever since the wake of economic blockade on the National Highway 39.

Sharat Salam, addressing media persons decried that owing to the previous succeeding government’s failure in addressing the demands of districthood at the right opportune times out of their own political conveniences has now resulted the decades old demand threatening to be blown up into a full-fledged ethnic problem.

Reminding the repeated reference of the state government on the demands of full fledged districts of Sadar Hills and Jiribam, Sharat demanded that if the demands are reasonable then the government should immediately grant the demands of full fledged districts.

The committee demanded that the government should bring a viable solution within a short notice and help ease the tension brewing at the National Highways so that normal plying of vehicles is resume.

The committee also demanded and insisted that the government should act accordingly on the basis of administrative significance of the people without compromising on the communal integrity in the state.

On the contrary, during the same conference the committee while addressing the media persons, the committee apprised that the concerning factors in the current scenario in the state is the mushrooming ethnic based different civil organizations.

The committee highlighted that surging in the numbers of such organizations based on ethnic lines will severely disintegrate the communal ties in the state and thus demanded the government to initiate a strict regulation or a mechanism to check and deter   such ethnic based organization coming to the forefront in the coming days.

Further lamenting the government on the purposed creation of highway task force with central government’s assistance, the committee suggested that the strength of the state forces is sufficient to manned the highways.

Later during the conference, the secretariat members of the Manipur State committee appealed the government to initiate all party meeting to discuss on the prevailing issues.


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