Manipur issues differ from those of Delhi, says Iron Lady Sharmila


IMPHAL, Aug 23: Responding to team Anna`s invitation to join the anti-corruption rally in the national capital, anti-AFSPA crusader Irom Chanu Sharmila today said that she would not be able to join the rally because of her present condition and also the situation in Manipur differs from New Delhi.

In a letter to team Anna, the Iron lady of Manipur said, “My humble suggestion is if you feel seriously, please try to reach the concerned legislators  to let me get free, like yours, to join your amazing crusade to root out corruption which is the root of all evils, or you can come to Manipur, the most corruption affected region in the world”.

38-year-old Sharmila who been on fast for the last ten years demanding total repeal of the controversial Armed Forces Special Powers Act 1958 (AFSPA), which gives India`s armed forces the power to arrest, search, and destroy property without warrant as well as to shoot, and even kill, on mere suspicion, will not be able to join the campaign as she is presently confined in judicial custody at JNIMS.

The Team Anna`s invitation written by one Arvind Kejriwal of India against corruption to Sharmila which was mailed to Just Peace Foundation (JPF), a state based human rights body which has been promoting Sharmila`s campaign, said, “the nation needs your voice to be heard.Anna and all of us appeal to you,to lend us your support in letter and spirit and invite you to share in our experience in whatever way you like”.

“If you come to the Ramlila Maidan in Delhi,it will be an honor and indeed empower us further, as we collectively stand for what we believe is just and necessary”.

Responding to the letter JPF is going to sent one of their representatives to join the Delhi campaign as part of showing solidarity to the nationwide campaign.

On the other hand an official of JPF expressing dissatisfaction over the indifferent attitude given to the two right activists,Anna and Sharmilam  said, “To me both have similar causes. Anna fights for a corruption free society while Sharmila struggles for the right to life”.


  1. my question is why is there military presence in manipur. That is the BIG real question. If it is for fighting insurgents or para military outfits then i donot support repealing of the special powers act. I can expect our soldiers to fight with their hands tied to their backs. If the military presence is not necessary then recall them; but i am not for them being used as puppet soldiers and the repealing of this act will render them as scare crows. I agree crimes have been commited, but by a few people. They can ask for military body something along the lines of internal affairs which can monitor the activies of their officers.

  2. Our best wishes are with Ms Irom Sharmila one of india’s bravest and most upright persons..
    Ms Irom Sharmila’s fast has created awareness in India about the prevailing situation in the North Eastern states and in Manipur.. Ultimately what is happening today in Manipur can happen tomorrow anywhere else in india, and perhaps its time after Mr Hazare’s movement, to try and build a pan Indian awareness about Ms Irom Sharmila’s key demands and mobilise widespread support for this.. her solidarity with Mr Hazare as a conscience protester is certainly to be appreciated


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