PDI grieves for the victims of mindless act


IMPHAL, August 2: The People’s Dialogue Initiatives (PDI) in a statement said that it shared the grief and pains of those innocent men, women, and children who have yet again became another target of un-mindful violence that has gripped the society.

A statement signed by Deben Bachaspatimayum, convener PDI stated that, “We believe that the tears and suffering of the innocent lives will inspire many of us to rethink and reflect on the belief that ‘violence pays’ ”.

It is rather the souls of those innocent precious lives lost to such acts of violence that will overcome one day the brut forces being unleashed for un-mindful violence in public places, it held.

While quoting the saying that “Violence Destroys the Powers” one or a community may like to have to address the issues of social and political injustice, Violence does not create power, it mentioned that the souls of those who lost in the violent acts will inspires and pains of those injured whisper to change the violent minds to enable to solve the problems in the society.

It further prayed for the departed souls and also for those who caused the death and injuries.


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