Peoples’ Demonstration for Peace in Manipur by MSAD


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Monday, 8 August 2011Press

Ref: 20110808 MSAD Demo

A demonstration with the theme “Peoples’ Demonstration for Peace in Manipur” was organised today under the initiatives of the Manipur Students’ Association Delhi, at Jantar Mantar from 3 p.m. onwards. The demonstration was attended by more than two hundred students and representatives of All India Revolutionary Students’ Organisation, All India Students’ Association, Campaign for Peace & Democracy (Manipur), Delhi Association of Manipuri Muslim Students, Hmar Students’ Association, Indian Social Action Forum, International Manipur Mothers’ Association, Janpaksh, Journalists’ United Civil Society, Karantikari Yuva Sangathan, Peoples’ Union for Democratic Rights, and Religious United Friendship of the World. Memorandums endorsed by the above organisations and submitted to the Prime Minister and Union Home Minister pressed upon; (1) The Government of India to initiate peaceful democratic process to address nationality questions in the Indian subcontinent with due acknowledgement to the sentiment and aspiration of the peoples who claimed for different nationhood, (2) The Government of India to repeal the Armed Forces Special Powers’ Act 1958 and other repressive Acts such as NSA, UAPA, Seditious Act, etc. on the one hand and at the same time demilitarise Manipur, (3) The Non State Parties to stop targeting civilians in the name of revolution or for sectarian gains, and (4) The Civil Societies in Manipur to take non-partisan position and collectively work when it comes to the question of targeting innocent civilians or terrorism in any form by any force.

Peoples’ Demonstration for Peace in Manipur by MSAD

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The demonstration that was conducted by Malem Ningthouja began with assemblage and welcomeS address by the General Secretary of MSAD RK Sanayaima. In the keynote address President of MSAD miss Beerjurekha expressed that the demonstration was aimed at registering protest against institutionalised terror activities in any form by State or any non-state force. She asserted MSAD’s commitment to fight for justice, peace and development in Manipur. MSAD’s former president Rojesh Seram traced the genesis of terrorism in the colonial intension of the Indian State that used militant means to suppress people’s democratic voice and emphasised that terrorism within an administrative entity was dominantly nurtured and perpetuated by the governing State. Associate professor Akoijam Bimol endorsed the demands mentioned in the memorandum and suggested that apart from public protests there was urgent need for pressing upon the concerned authority to register police case vis-a-vis the Sangakpham Bazaar bomb blast of 1st August 2011 and to take up due legal or official process to investigate into the matter. President of IMMA Ms Khuman Leima called upon the people to unite and fight against suppressive and terrorist activities particularly perpetrated by the government. She demanded immediate repeal of the controversial AFSPA. Other representatives expressed solidarity to the Manipur people’s struggle for justice and peace. Various slogans such as “Terrorism Down Down,” “State Terrorism Down Down,” “Resolve Manipur National Question Democratically,” “Long Live Democracy,” “Apubana Yaifarae” and etc were raised in the course of the demonstration. Mr. Akhu, a Manipur progressive singer, presented two songs that condemned corruption and oppressive character of the ruling class. The demonstration was concluded at around 6 p.m with a general consensus to fight for democratic rights and peace.

The above press release was sent to Kanglaonline by Beerjurekha Samom President,Manipur Students’ Association Delhi 8 August 2011
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