A Clarion Call To End Present Impasse/ Blockade


by O.J. Meitei
“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”. Theodore Roosevelt.

AS so far appeals and negotiating efforts have not yielded or resulted in any positive response to lessen the untold suffering of our state populace particularly poor and student groups, now we need to abandon sporadic actions however good those actions in the past (regardless of interests served in doing so). Why not all the above cited bodies and other willing groups join hand under an apex body of any suitable name like State level Vigilance Organ on Governance to undo present impasse. It is a possible Call.

“ We are what we have made and our future is made by us now”( Mahavira).

Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the things out” (John Wooden)

The fact as known to all:
National Highways are to be protected by GOI (Govt. of India) and state Govt. with its mechanisms are to manage and protect the same taking along the cooperation of its Citizens otherwise there is no Governance and authority of authorities.

When above statement is taken and applied to present phenomena of dual blockades of last many 48 days, certainly our present Govt. both at Centre and State had miserably failed to protect people and to provide essential commodities at a normal reasonable rate to entire populace of the state for reasons best known to them. Let us accept the Fact and Reality.

As known to many, after a few days of blockade, various organisations and individuals started appealing to lift the blockade and continue their rightful demand with other means and from the medical perspective requesting to both committee to atleast relax on life saving drugs. All appeals acknowledged the legitimacy of District Demand and Protest for the same (40 year old demand) and Govt. apathy and inaction in it.

As for the details of damages incurred or done during blockade in the last 48 days, it may not call for a repeat description here as all news readers and listeners and a greater number of population in Manipur have fair knowledge and varying sufferings inflicted on them in continuing all the more. However, a mention may be enlivening here that the impact so far in the process of blockade have created havoc on the lives of poorer populace and also rendered unhappiness and uneasiness to all general besides lost of crores of rupees and creative manpower and man-days. On the other side, our State Govt. affords are ineffective to help affected people and in dealing the Issue. It may be deducted that neither the leaders do strategic calculation to reach a solution ahead of blockade nor they have now to immediately evade or conclude the Issues. It looks like a sort of indifferent and insensitive to public cry and suffering as the  Govt. leaders are busy on continuing in Inauguration ceremonies, visiting construction sites and public meetings in the light of coming election.

‘ What do we live for, if not to make life less difficult for each other”. ( George Elliot)

Here, a space for appreciation is due for people and groups who spent time and went into action of negotiation and appealing to ease out the situation with genuine interest and concern and not forgetting excellent role of media in it.

The point for this tiny write up is to call for an ACTION of all populace of the state to come out together and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and give a direct dateline Ultimatum to all MLAs, MPs , Governor of the state and to GOI-Centre  and to both Committees to END the Blockade and Issue in it. For doing so all leaders of civil, religious and student body may convene a joint meeting to chart out most fitting strategic action ( non-violence) to undo present impasse. The joint action  of such joint body not done so far to help people and particularly poor and student community live and lead a life with quality and dignity (or should we continue a debase living with silent suffering or as  brave ones avoiding calling ourselves cowards).

 “The end will never be able to justify wrong means”
 “ Justice delayed is injustice”
 “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”.     Theodore Roosevelt.


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