Assam based `Brothers` misses out on meeting with Sharmila


IMPHAL, September 19: A two member team of an Assam based social organization, ‘Brothers’ had arrive in the state capital on September 17 with the hope of meeting Irom Sharmila Chanu, however, it had to return back home today morning without realizing their hope owing to the lengthy red-tape involved in getting permission for a meeting with Sharmila who is presently lodged at JNIMS under judicial custody.

A two member team of the social organization had arrive in Imphal in a show of solidarity to Sharmila who has been on a fast onto death demanding the repeal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA); and to appeal to the people of the whole region to unite and mount pressure on the centre to repeal the AFSPA and in other issues concerning the region.

Led by its secretary general Dibyajyoti Saikai, the two member team soon after their arrival on September 17, joined a sit in protest with the “Sharmila Kanba Lup” an organization which has been staging a relay hunger strike for the past many years in support of Sharmila`s campaign.

Irom Singhajit, brother of Sharmila in a telephonic conversation with the IFP confirmed the arrival and subsequent departure of the team from Imphal, and said that due to the time limit of the visiting team, they could not wait for the official procedure to end and get their permission.

He further elaborated that had there been any mediaperson, national or local in the team, the permission would have been taken from the chief secretary, however due to the absence of any mediaperson in the visiting team, the CID department was supposed to grant the permission.

When asked if the team could visit again, he stated that it doesn’t look likely for the organization to visit in the near future.

He further stated that he has no hard feelings toward both party the government as well as the visiting team. The government was only doing its duty while the team had time limit.

He also extended his welcome to the team incase they wanted to visit again in the future.


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