CNPO reaffirms to continue economic blockade


CHANDEL, Sept 18: Chandel Naga People’s Organization (CNPO) has reaffirmed its stance to continue the economic blockade along Moreh-Pallel Road to endorse United Naga Council (UNC) which has imposed economic blockade on the national highways strongly opposing creation of any new district in the state against the wishes of Naga people.

Speaking to media persons today at Thamnapokpi village, vice-president of CNPO Ch Gabriel stated that the villagers of Thamnapokpi and other Naga villages along the Moreh-Pallel Road have been vigilant to check transportation of essential commodities during the economic blockade for the last 27 days.

He asserted that the blockade along the Moreh-Pallel Road is a part of the ongoing agitation of UNC and so CNPO would continue until there is an official declaration to call off the economic blockade.

Gabriel also regretted the misunderstanding between the drivers and CNPO volunteers during the course of economic blockade along the road.

Reacting to the deployment of Thoubal district police commandos under the jurisdiction of Chandel, the vice-president stated that the police must stop harassing the villagers on the pretext of preventing economic blockade. The state government should try to bring an amicable solution to the crisis instead of taking up anti-people policies, he enjoined.

President of Naga Women Union, Chandel, Sakhila stated that the Naga women will support the economic blockade called by the UNC and CNPO to oppose disintegration of Naga’s land.

Meanwhile, hundreds of volunteers of CNPO and NWUC intensified their drive against vehicles carrying essential commodities from Moreh to Pallel during the blockade.

Vice-president of CNPO, Gabriel further appealed to the transporters not to violate the restriction of carrying essential commodities during the economic blockade.


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