CSDANCA Public Grievances – Neglected by Concerned Authorities


[box type=”info” color=”green”]Anal Students’ Forum, Manipur sent us this grievances letter on behalf of the Chakpikarong Sub-Divisional Anal Naga Chiefs’ Association (CSDANCA), Chandel District which has not been addressed by Concern MLA (41 A/C, Chandel) and the Govt. failed to do the needful inspite of repeated appeals. (visual shown on ISTV News dated the 20th September 2011)[/box]

Condition of School - CSDANCA Public Grievances – Neglected by Concerned Authorities

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I, on behalf of the people of Chakpikarong area sincerely request your goodself to kindly publish the following facts & concern of the people of the Chakpikarong area in daily news papers on special ground.
1. The present condition of the portion of the State Highway in between sugnu & chakpikarong is deteriorated and looks horrid. The people of the area in particular and commuters in general have been facing much hardship and inconveniences. As a result, the number of passenger buses/vehicles plying on this road is reduced. We approached the concerned authority to look into the matter in time & again but paid no heed to it and the road remain unrepaired till date.
2. It is very disappointing that since the close of SBI Chakpikarong branch we appealed to the concerned authority, the Govt. of Manipur for reopening of the said Bank soon but in spite of our appeal, the concerned authority has not done enough and taken up appropriated steps to reopen the SBI till date. As a result, Govt. Employees, Ex-servicemen, NGOs, Registered Societies, MGNREGS job card holders & general public faced much hardships and inconveniences. To redress the grievances of the general public, the concerned authority is requested to delve into the matter and reopen the SBI chakpikarong branch at the soonest.
3. In order to keep the people healthy, PHC Chakpikarong play important role in rural area. Patients from different parts of near & far flung places are brought to PHC Chakpikarong for treatment. However, due to absence of Medical Officer i/c and shortage of nurses/staff and inadequate supply of required lifesaving drugs/medicines & equipment. Patients are not given proper treatment at PHC Chakpikarong. Therefore, the concerned authority, Govt. of Manipur is appealed to take up expeditious action in this regard and send Medical Officer to PHC Chakpikarong as soon as possible. So as to redress the grievances of the people of the Chakpikarong area.
4. The Chakpikarong Govt. High School is the only well run institution in Chakpikarong sub-division, However it’s very disappointing that the School is lagging behind due to apathy of the Govt. The infrastructure of the school regarding the equipment of Lab., School Lib., Sports goods are not supplied and encouraged. The Headmaster and the teaching staff are urged and advised to coordinate with the members of the school management & development committee for better running of the school.
Therefore, Your goodself is requested to kindly publish above mentioned facts and concern of the people of Chakpikarong area in your daily news paper on special ground.

With regard,

Yours faithfully,

President ,
Chakpikarong Sub-Divisional
Anal Naga Chiefs’ Assn

[box type=info color=”blue”] The above mail was sent to Kanglaonline.com by Anal student Forum, Manipur[/box]


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