Do We Have It In Us


By Shiva Koijam

Do we have it in us?  A simple question yet it needs real guts to answer.  Runs deep in vein habit of playing blame games sans an iota of contribution to set forth the first step to bring about that change.  Manipur is this and Manipur is that.  I don’t have the right to blame if I am not contributing something first of all, and secondly if I am not trying to rectify the loopholes where such problems arise.  With limited resources how can a government, no matter what parties it belongs to, fulfill all the needs and wants.  When opportunities are created and living standards is uplifted only then the chaos prevailing here can be lessened and ultimately removed.

Madhapur in Ranga Reddy District of Hyderabad was once a small rocky village beyond the outskirt of Jubilee Hills, never known to anyone outside, but today it’s the one of biggest capital of IT industry.  Thanks to the government of Chandra Babu Naidu who make it possible.  Today, hundreds of IT companies are sprawling up, lots of IT professionals both from different parts of India and abroad are working here thereby generating huge pool of income in IT related sectors.  A simple 12th pass to high class graduates got jobs here from part-time to full-time thereby uplifting the standard of the common masses.  You name it and you will find here.  People don’t always opt for government jobs there, in stead they opt for private jobs there.  The reason is simple, all the benefits a government employee got, and IT employees got the doubled and even triple.

Does our government from time to time ever think of imitating what Telugu Desam Party did in the last 10-15 years?  Does our government really tried to create employment generations, ever really tried to develop the infrastructure to create conducive atmosphere to lure outside companies to set their base here thereby generating employment for huge pools of computer and science literate, English speaking graduates.  Answer is a big No.  Why?  Everyone knows.  Simply widening roads, constructing lavish government offices and quarters, borrowing architectures and blue prints from the Southern States won’t bring any change.  Imitating their “Singapore model township” and copying their development project won’t help, till it is implemented.  When the AP Government can borrow loans for such development project, why can’t we.  The only difference is true leader who wants to do something which we lacked unfortunately.  A family of 4 with monthly expenditure of 1000 rupees and income of 1300 rupees can’t spend 500 rupees for other needs.  Then what should that family do, try to earn extra 500 rupees more anyhow through legitimate means to satisfy their needs.  The logic is simple, when you can’t satisfy the needs with the available resources, why don’t you create opportunities to earn that extra need.  I think a simple 10th pass would easily grasp this and don’t need to be 1st class M.A. or some law degrees to know the simple logic.

Many IT companies will come down here and thousands of IT related jobs will spring up like call center, Medical transcription, web designing, banking, Software development, tourism, trade, aviation, hospitality management will get boom, and thereby huge pools of investment can be harnessed from both investors domestic and foreign and thereby giving a platform for hundreds if not thousands of IT professionals scattered in different parts of India from the state and those braindrain could be curtailed plus huge generation of income here.  It would just take 10 years to make that dream comes true if political wills and sincerity to do something is there in their minds.  Are the so-called leaders wiping their spectacles to read this simple logic?


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