Huge difference between pre-blockade price and recent govt price: AMSU


IMPHAL, September 25: All Manipur Students’ Union (AMSU) has pointed out huge differences between the prices of essential commodities before the economic blockade and those fixed by the state government recently.

Addressing media persons today, vice-president of AMSU, Abdul Haque stated that the government should give detailed information to the public regarding the transportation charges and prices of essential commodities to be sold in Imphal.

The recent government prices have differed so much with the prices before the blockade. The prices of essential commodities have been increased by the state government all of a sudden, he noted.

There is some sort of conspiracy between Imphal Bazar Board Committee (IBBC) and state government while drawing up the prices of essential commodities recently, the vice-president alleged.

As per the data collected by AMSU, the price of superfine rice before the blockade was Rs. 480 per 50 kg bag while it has been increased to Rs. 580 per 50 kg bag as per the recent government price.

The prices of potato and onion before blockade were Rs. 16 and Rs. 30 per kg respectively, but the government has fixed the price of potato at Rs. 19 per kg while the price of onion remains unchanged.

Mustard oil costed Rs. 1250 per tin before the blockade but the price of mustard has been fixed by the government at Rs. 1300 per tin.

The price of sugar before blockade was Rs. 22 per kg while the present government price is Rs. 25 per kg.

The price of kangtak (dal) was Rs. 28 per kg before the blockade but the government fixes the price of kangtak at Rs. 39 per kg.  


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