Naga People`s Front


IMPHAL, Sept 18 (newmai news network): The Manipur unit of Naga People`s Front (NPF) has said that the issues of assembly elections and the subsequent allotment of party tickets have not been officially discussed at the state level till today. It however said the party is fully engaged in mobilisation at the divisional level in an endeavour to strengthen the party towards its aims and objects.

Given this situation, the Manipur unit of NPF secretary in charge of political affairs Ningreingam Ruivah said that anyone in the party fold including the office bearers of both the state level and the divisional level or otherwise to strictly restraint from making any unauthorised comment or observation on the matter.

“Therefore, this statement is necessitated to dispel all misgivings and doubts in the larger interest of the party in particular and the public in general, that, all such important issues will be properly dealt with when the time comes,” Ningreingam Ruivah said.



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