RPF president greets the state on party Raising Day


IMPHAL September 24: Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF) president Irengbam Chaoren has greeted the public on the 33rd raising day of the outfit’s armed wing, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

A press release of the president has greeted and provided tributes to the cadres of the outfit who have sacrificed their lives for the land. It further state that the centre has been trying to subjugate the public of Manipur after being forcedly annexed. These are dark days in the history of the state especially after the imposition of a colonial system of education for dependence to the Indian sub continent.

The corrupted system prevalent in India has slowly spread its tentacles into the state and started corrupting the public. This gave rise to the capitalistic system in the state and followers of the system alike. Hence, the public in the ensuing corrupted status were in a state of disillusionment and the practice of doling out bribes for government posts and other jobs came into vogue, it stated.

Those who had the facility of seeking jobs and getting employment were satisfied, but the majority of the educated youths were dismayed. Such circumstances lead them into the habit of drug addiction and many a precious life has been lost. The society has been wholly affected with deaths from drug addiction and the pandemic HIV/AIDS scenario. This has been another successful plot of the Indian government in waging a ‘drug war’ to the state, it alleged.

The rich agricultural lands have been deprived from the farmers in the name of development and thus the productivity of the fields have been lost. This has ultimately led to the dependence of food grains to other states and a need to be associated with the mainland.

Moreover, the imposed blockades, strikes have further caused untold hardships to the public and financial breakdown of the society. The stance of a community while depriving the human rights of another community may well lead to unwanted incidents in future, it said. No proper system has been administered by the government in tackling the predicament, this is evident that the blockade is another secret agenda of the Indian government to create disunity among the ethnic communities of the state. Such agendas of the Indian government may one day try to extinguish the flame of the revolutionary ethos ingrained in the public of the state.

Further, the elections held are just for namesake and no concrete mandate of the public have been fulfilled so far. The elected also connives with the centre to further the sadistic cause instead of trying to challenge it. They have an anti public stance, the statement said.

The need of the hour is for the public to show more support to the revolutionary movement otherwise the cause will be lost. We cannot depend on the false propaganda but have to rely among ourselves to achieve independence.

The peace talks which are supposedly held within the constitution of the Indian nation is yet another fabrication to hinder the revolutionary movement. Many outfits have been lured into the trap of ‘peace talks’ and the same have lost their vision and principles. These tactics have successfully made dormant the struggle of many revolutionary outfits and also in creating factionalism. Some, who are presently in talks with the Indian government are being utilized to counter the revolution, it said.

The peace talks are also not credible as there are no third parties involved,including the UN have not been party to the talks, it is more of a strategy by the centre to malign the revolutionary movement, it added.

The stance of the seven revolutionary outfits coming under a single banner signifies that the struggle for independence is gaining momentum and devoid of the traps laid by the centre. The common goal is to integrate the outfits rebelling against the Indian government and to achieve independence,the release states.


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