`Inspire Next-Gen`


    IMPHAL, Oct 9: A state level event titled ‘Inspire Next-Gen 2011’ was organized by the Inspire Event Committee 2011 on behalf of the IngKunj Foundation, Moirang at the Moirang Multipurpose Higher Secondary School, Moirang Lamkhai today.

    The one day event was organized with funding from the Overseas Manipuris (in Europe) and with planning and management support from Shan Mai Consulting Ltd, London (UK).

    The event was organized with the main objective of inspiring the Manipuri youngsters and students to go for big dreams in their careers and personal lives by visualinzing the success stories of Manipuries as role models and to inspire Manipuris living overseas to contribute funds, expertise, contacts and resources for the socio-economic development of local homes, town and villages in the state.

    According to the organizers, the event also aims at connecting successful Manipuris in the field of industry, with local budding entrepreneurs and youngsters through a professional networking platform.

    The event was participated by around 250 students.


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