Minister`s daughter allegedly assaulted by IMC councillor; women storm IMC office


IMPHAL, October 2: A minor road scuffle involving minister Yumkham Irabot’s daughter Sarojbala and an IMC councilor of ward no 23 Loushangbam Birjit this evening has resulted in supporters of the minister and the councilor making allegations of physical assault against each other.

The incident happened at Khurai Tongbram Leirak at around 3:30 pm this evening when Sarojbala, a lecturer of LMS Law College, had an altercation with councillor Birjit over passage of their vehicles in a narrow lane. 

Hearing the news of the alleged assault, a large number of women of Wangkhei constituency stormed the office of Imphal Municipal Council in the evening demanding disciplinary action against the erring councillor.

One of the irate women told media persons that Sarojbala was coming home from LMS Law College in a Maruti Esteem car when a Tata DI water tanker suddenly blocked the road. There was no space for her car to pass by the tanker, but an i-10 car driven by Birjit made a long horn demanding passage.

Sarojbala’s driver Nungthang came out of the car and told Birjit that the road was blocked by a water tanker. He was then slapped by Birjit allegedly under the influence of alcohol, she stated.

Sarojbala also got down of the car and enquired Birjit of what was happening. Without any provocation, Birjit punched on her face, the woman added.

Sarojbala has also written a formal complaint letter to the IMC chairperson demanding disciplinary action against Birjit.

The IMC chairperson also assured that necessary action would be taken up after convening a meeting on Wednesday.

The women protestors further demanded that they would launch stern agitations if disciplinary action is not taken up against Birjit at the earliest.

They also warned that the matter would be brought before the Manipur State Commission for Women on violence against women.

On the other hand, councillor Loushambam Birjit denied the allegation of assaulting Sarojbala and further charged the family members of minister Irabot of assaulting him in the aftermath of the altercation.

He stated that Sarojbala used abusive words on him when he demanded passage by giving a long horn. She rebuked him for honking at the minister’s car, he stated.

Birjit strongly condemned the act of assaulting him by the family members of Minister Irabot.


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