New Gaan Ngai celebration committee formed


IMPHAL, Oct 11: A consultative meeting of the Zeliangrong, Zelianrong Council Haomei Chapriak Pei, village elders, has resolved to constitute a committee “Gaan Ngai Committee 2012 (ZU-AMN)”, today at Zeliangrong building, Paona Bazar, Kakhulong, Imphal.

A statement issued by the ZU-AMN stated that the objective of the formation of the committee is to celebrate the state level ‘Gaan Ngai’ festival in a grand way to expose the rich cultural and traditional festival of Zeliangrong to the outside world.

It alleged that the present state level celebration of Gaan Ngai festival is formed by few vested interest people in the name of Zeliangrong.

The meeting decided to ban the particular organizing committee for tarnishing the image of the rich traditional festival of Zeliangrong and particularly its people by organizing the celebration in a mockery way, it further alleged.

It claimed the particular committee has neither public support nor competent authority to organize such a grand festival beyond the traditional practice.


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