NPF to solve Naga issues by stepping in state administration of Manipur, says Nagaland minister


IMPHAL, October 1: The Naga People’s Front (NPF) will try to solve the myriad issues of Naga people in Manipur by taking part in the state administration actively.

This was stated by Nagaland minister for soil conservation and resources, P Longon during the inaugural function of 27th Annual Sports Meet of Maram Khullen Circle organized by Maram Khullen Circle Students’ and Youth Association today at N Raishung Bazar, Maram, Senapati district.

He further stated the NPF under DAN government has been able to work for the welfare of Naga people in Nagaland. It would further expand its wings to all Naga inhabited states of Northeast for bringing unity and development, he enjoined.

The NPF is working constantly for the unification of all Naga inhabited areas in Northeast India and Myanmar which were disintegrated as a result of divisive policy of the then British government. The party is committed to resolve the Naga issues politically rather than insurgent movement, Logon asserted.

He also appealed to the Naga people to render utmost support to the NPF in fulfilling the long cherished dreams of “Unification”.

The Nagaland minister further maintained that Maram is one of the oldest Naga villages which has distinctive culture and tradition.

Nagaland MLA Deo Nukhu who is also the advisor of science and technology, government of Nagaland stated that the NPF must be strengthened to bring about the unification of all Nagas under one administrative roof.

Maram MLA K Raina asserted that the state government has not developed any infrastructure for games and sports in the hill areas.

He stated that the hill people have been discriminated by the state government. When a boxer from the valley bagged a gold medal in Asian Games, the government named a road after him while five-time world champion Mary Kom was not given even a reception by the state government, Raina contended.

The inaugural function was also attended by the officials of NPF Nagaland and Manipur Units and King Kangnamba of Maram.

Altogether 16 teams for the boys and 12 teams for the girls are taking part in the sports meet in two disciplines of football and volleyball.

The inaugural football match was played between MKS and PNTM.


  1. why don’t they solve their own NAGA issues by doing something about their under developed districts in the Eastern Nagaland who are demanding a separate state . talk about criticizing others home when their own home are sunking . 

  2. nagaland has nothing to do with the current political issues in the state of Manipur.HE SHOULD MIND HIS /HER OWN BUSINESS which is taking place within nagaland like the held on earth.


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