Run A Tortoise Race!


By G.S.Oinam

Negotiation is essentially a dialogue intended to resolve conflicting opinions and produce an agreement regarding the course of action. Peace and conflict resolution are inter woven with several aspects of study that include social, political, economic, cultural, technological and religious structures. The profile of those involved in conflict resolution essentially revolves around ensuring that all involved parties feel satisfied with the outcome. One needs to be fair, unbiased and respected by one others. He should be sensitive to the issue and in time with the stand of each side. Many people wrongly assume that you need to be a psychologist in peace making. As long as you understand people and situations, a degree in psychology is not mandatory. Good communication skills, the ability to help-express and understand what they want is also necessary. Being rational, cool headed and socially sensitive is important as is flexibility and willingness to work on ground in ant part of the world.

Very often it is observed that people try to avoid or run away from the pressing problems, instead of finding solution to them. The amount of time we wasted in searching the modes and methods of escaping from the problem is much more that what is required in finding solution. Accept it or not, all your problems have been generated by your own unorganized actions, lack of foresightedness in planning, dearth of practically and wrong assessment of your own strengths. The circumstance or God do not help a person who runs away from the problems instead of facing them boldly and wisely. If your inner-self says “I can overcome this problems, you have already won half the battle.” Men of superior order, even in time of danger, get the light of hope and with this improve their circumstances.

District up gradation/ creation is not a problem but the real problem is the mindset of the people—they feels something will be loosing. Therefore, convoluted arguments are coming up from different quarters. Unless the concept of Nagalim for greater Nagaland, Zalengam for kuki homeland, Kangleipak for valley people (now seem to be dead) and newly activated Zeliangrong integration, does not existence; there shall be no problem to convince the people. All concepts are coming up from the sense of insecurity. This insecurity is a question of great debate. Only the simple solution will be look at the United States of America (USA). Whether the nationalism theory will be deactivate first or clamp down on district up gradation/ creation are the questions to think about by the government. Government has to give a clarion call to change the mindset of people to contrive the situation or suggest the demand committee to converge them to run a tortoise race—slowly and steady win the race.

Perhaps, my suggestion may bitter sweet- sometimes strongly support on the demand; sometimes deadly attack and now, fixing for the solution. Who am I, anyway? Crabby clunky clap trap remarks are posted on my article—surprise to know the behaviour changes of individuals. However, this concomitant situation has to bring a conclusive cynosure to clear the clapped out. Economic blockade is a white elephant— it has no value to demand committee. Simple logic is that somebody in the demand committee is fear that once the economic blockade lifted their issue will be diverted and will politicalise their demand to end without any attainment. This issue of Sadar Hills is very useful to collect data and information especially for the government to find out an amicable solution of Manipur. Therefore, there is no question of issue diversion by anybody. Further government intension is very clear- defuse the tension first and secondly, open the economic blockade and third, give a solution. Also, government will not declared
Sadar hills district foolishly at the present escalating situation even the committee on administrative and  police district boundary reports is finalized and favour on Sadar hills district up gradation. Further, government will have batter option to invite army to “Flag March” on the national highways as the election is near and more security arrangement will required. Only government can do to impress Sadar hills demand committee to lift the economic blockage is to appoint a special secretary to supervise Sadar hills/Jiriban as temporary arrangement until the committee report is finalized. Nagas has nothing to objection/ complain on this arrangement as it is purely related to improvement of working efficiency of ADC Kangpokpi / Jiribam. Unless the demand committee is anti SPF government in the coming election, they will have to come to the propose point of settlement for lifting economic blockade. Government will able to convince the demand committee that a positive step has been taken up. Please do something as a gift of “Kut festival” or advice you to consult a psychiatrist.

Once Osho said—man has to be faced from his stupid mind. For thousand of years politicians/ kings do not allow people to educate because that was dangerous. Now, they allow people to educated, but the education is such that it makes you less intelligent. Their children will send to America, Europe and world top institutions but they are discouraged to invite foreign teachers in the country to teach their people.

While taking a decision one shall not feel emotional but logically reasonable and no decision shall be taken under any pressure. To speak about one former USA President, “John (his secretary) I can’t make a decision. On the one side, it seems to be correct and on the other side, other party is also seem equally correct; I am in the middle. I have read whatever relevant documents and books but I can’t find the man who is known batter.” The similar word was spoken by Montek Singh Ahluwalia last year on annual plan budget. And this year, he is suggested Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects should be cover under RTI. There are two types of opinions for references 1) public opinions and 2) expert opinions. Public opinions are good for references subject to risk factor. Expert’s opinions are good for less risk factor but less popularity. Both demand committee and SPF government are in critical position, it requires both public support and expertisation because election is on card and issues are sensitive, volatile and sudden dead— government is asking to wait for committee reports.

One of the most distasteful human nature is waiting. Normally, however, we are waiting for change which means waiting for someone to bring in that change for somebody else to come and clean up the mess; for someone else to take the initiative ti take positive steps says Swami Brahmdev. Waiting is good but if you know how to wait. When you know how to wait you put time by your side; times come with you. Learn how to wait with patience and in silence. Generally, when we wait we do so full of nervous, energy and tension, we are out of balances. When we are waiting we have no patience in that waiting. Every seed wants to grow but it is only with patience that it becomes a big tree.

When we do not know how to live in present we are always waiting. It is a reflection of our lazy nature. The lazier you are, the more unconscious of yourself you are; and the more you live on the surface, in the outward appearance and with your surface nature and you tend to simply wait. This is inertia. In this inertia we always wait for something to change hoping that somebody will come and give us what we desire Swami Brahmadev concluded.

But you have no idea to change; you are waiting for change to happen. You just won’t be the change you want. We all want changes— peace, harmony and happiness but how many actually work toward achieving these goals?

Show me the money; you said it. You seem to be known everything but there are many people even they don’t know that they don’t know. Learn how to fishing—your life will be free forever and independent. Fish given to you by somebody will make you loyalist and bonded and finally, it will kill your skills and intelligence.

Our people are very aware about history, philosophy, culture and political science but they are neglected the most essence in day to day and our future pillars like economics, commerce, business management apart from science and technology. Once you know the road map of development model, all naive theory will be finished. Before you prepare for development model- study well what are the criteria required for economic development. One model already in hand is PURA scheme about Rs120 crore budgets under public private partnership which is already implemented in many states. Now, prepare a conceptual plan for your local district / subdivision for urbanization in your rural area. When you realized the importance and benefit of PPP and growth model—your remote rural district must already been upgraded into city. For which you have to make a consortium having turn over of Rs 50 crores and submit the project proposal to ministry of rural development. There is no more alternative arrangement than PPP model and village level election, the lowest form of decentralized government. However, information gaps make the Naga civil society cry for alternative arrangement.

Remembering Ghajal maestro late Jagjit Singh’s song “ Chand bhe dekho…… meri angkhong ne chunahei tujeko duneya dekhakar; kiska chahera.  kiska chahera ab-mei dekho—Sadr hills ka chahera dekhakar (My eyes has chosen you after looking around the world—which face? Looking at the face of Sadar Hills….)

Obviously, Sadar hills are very beautiful. Kukis traditional system is favourable for fast track development and its urbanization trend. Traffic congestion of Imphal will be reduced after development of Sadar hills. State Assembly will be shifting to capitol project which is closure to Sadra hills and it will help to develop Sadar hills as an important location. Manipur has to plan more satellite city near and around Imphal.—very fast for the first phase.

Second song of Jagjit Singh  which I want to put on this note” ye dolat bhe lelo; ye soharat bhe lelo; magar muje lotado bachapanka sathi; who kagaska kasti- bariska pani” (please take the wealth, please take the fame but please give me back the childhood friendship—plays of paper made ship in the water of raining..)

I don’t know whether Nagas are listening Jagjit Singh’s Ghajal—his songs are all poem. Once Jagjit Singh said that only about 35% of his audience are attentive to song and the rest are coming for fashion to show her dress, ornament and to speak to friends “I went to listen Jagjit Singh’s concert, yesterday.”

Finally, both Meitei, Nagas, Kukis, Paite, Pangal and others will sing together “ Dil khogaya khogaya kishike; ab rasta milgaya- khusike; rasta naya raba……. Teri or teri or—hei Raba!” (Someone’s heart has been looted –a new way of joy has been found; the way is new- fried! This is for you-Hi! Friend!)

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