UNLF militant surrenders to BSF


IMPHAL, October 9 (ANI): A hardcore militant from the United National Liberation Front (UNLF) has surrendered before the Border Security Force (BSF) here.

The name of the surrendered militant was withheld for security reasons, but in his interaction with media, he said he was not satisfied living with the group and decided join mainstream society.

“I was not satisfied living there, and I wanted to quit, so I quit it. I did not like what was happening there, so I came out. (After the arrest of Meghen) many have diffracted and I am also one of them. His break up took place near the border area of Myanmar and Manipur,” the militant said.

Acute poverty and family tension drove the militant to join the UNLF in January 2004.

Border Security Force, Deputy Inspector General Angom Shamoo Singh informed that till now six militants have surrendered.

“Till today, we have completed independent surrender (of), I think six (militants). Four of them surrendered in groups and two (surrendered) including him individually,” Singh said.

Singh further stated that it was the responsibility of the state government to help those who are trying to come back and join the mainstream.

“Unless we give them settlement properly, the other (militants) will hesitate to come out. So, the state government (is) also giving them full support for proper settlement. They are giving them monetary benefits,” he added.

According to security officials, over 50 militants have surrendered in the past four months as various post-surrender rehabilitation packages are being given to the militants in return of their surrender.


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