Caught on “Cemera”


By Nicky Chandam

I have been hearing a lot of advertisements about the “ECO-Park” at Kakching from my friends and relatives. So, I headed for a trip there. After a short steep road trip, the view was worth the advertisements. But as it would happen to any typical funny bone person, this “Sign Board” caught me.

Caught on "Cemera"

A Korean hair styled lad who was sitting at a plastic chair few steps away, called me “You need to take a ticket for your cemera“. I got the ticket …even there it was printed the same way as on the board! I pointed out the error..he just ignored me. (My bad – wrong audience)

I’m sure this place attracts a lots of tourists. Before the board becomes the hot spot and the new English comes on Wikileaks, I request the concerned authorities to get the rectification done promptly.

Note: This was sent to KanglaOnline by Nicky Chandam (n.chandam AT

Editor’s note: This photo is being uploaded in jest and also to highlight a funny (yet unfortunately incorrect) signboard. To Nicky’s point, hopefully, the authorities will take note and change the signboard.


  1. I love this English, I fall in love with this. I am glad they even know how to write in English. Even English or American write wrong spelling. Wait and watch, they will learn more and write correct English next time they paint the board again, Thanks for your getting attention to it 🙂 

  2. I heard this Unique and Beautiful Garden in owned by a Retd. IAS Officer….but Guys..don’t be so rude to them because this is the real Manipur…..Raees

  3. Shame to the concerned authority to put up these sign boards. Why people who cannot spell a simple english word are in charge of collecting fees for a hot tourist spot.


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