Kohima Lions Club conducted Peace Poster Contest


Winners of the International Lions Peace Poster Contest held at premises of Indoor badminton Stadium, Kohima on Nov 5, 2011. Miss Miss Neikehienou (center), Class 7 of Fernwood School, Kohima won the 1st position. Miss Tianla(4th left), Class 9 of LFS, Kohima won 2nd position while Miss Tohino, Class 7 (5th right), of LFS, Kohima won 3rd position. (NEPS Photo)
KOHIMA, Nov 5 (NEPS): Lions Club of Kohima (LCK) has today conducted “International Peace Poster Contest” here at the premises of the Indoor Badminton Stadium, Kohima. This year’s “Peace Poster Contest” was conducted under of the theme of the “Children Know Peace.”

The painting contest started from 10 AM till 12:00 noon. The painting of Miss Neikehienou, Class 7 of Fernwood School, Kohima won the 1st position while paintings of Miss Tianla, Class 9 and Miss Tohino, Class 7, both from LFS, Kohima won 2nd and 3rd positions respectively.

LCK President Lion Er Hozheto Shikhu, in his presidential address, lauded the school students of Kohima for taking part in this year’s “International Peace Poster Contest” held under theme of “Children Know Peace”.

“Peace is in fact an important matter for all of us in the northeast,” he said. “And through such Peace Contest of the International Lions Clubs, our children are given opportunities to express what peace in their mind was.”

LCK President also told the students to prepare for the next year’s “International Peace Poster Contest.” He urged them to keep practicing on the theme line with the guidance of professionals, so that they would be able to come up with thematic artistic painting presentations.

Lion AB Menon, Senior member of LCK, who was chairman of the Kohima Chapter’s “International Peace Poster Contest,” said children should have peace since their childhood. “But we need more guidance when we are trying to express it through such painting contests,” he said. He also called upon the students to take keen interest in such Peace Poster Contests, so that their massage would play a major role in bringing peace on the earth.

Lion MJF Er Vitoshe Rochill, LCK Treasure Er Achakbou, other senior Lion members, teachers, parents of the students were among others who were present throughout the “painting hours” and also “prize distribution program.” LCK Secretary Oken Jeet Sandham gave his Vote of Thanks at the closing function of Prize Distribution.


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