Human rights defender urges Governor to set up Lokayukta in state


IMPHAL, November 14: Human Rights defender advocate Yengkokpam Priyokumar of Khabam Lamkhai has submitted a memorandum to the Governor of Manipur today urging him to give direction to the state government for setting up Lokayukta to curve corruption and improve the standard of public administration and administration of justice.

The memorandum submitted to the Governor mentioned that as per recommendation of the Administrative Reforms Commission, the purpose for setting-up of the institution of Lokayukta in the state of Manipur is highly necessary for good governance and transparency for the people of Manipur and in the public interest.

The government of Manipur has become a vestige of corruption and has gradually become the highest corrupted state amongst the Indian states in the high places of administrative actions and machineries for more than the last 10 years, it said.

Most of the states, namely Karnataka, Maharashtra, U.P. Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Jharkhan etc. have already set-up the Lokayukta for their respective states. But for Manipur, it is not still initiated by the state government. In this state, the public opinion has also expressed many times in various occassions for setting up of Lokayukta.

Even though the general public or a rightful citizen of India made complaint or grievances for just administration or remedy in any administration, machineries and organs of the state of Manipur, not a single positive action has been made out for the last more than ten years, the memorandum added.


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